Photofig Project 6: Symmetry

I was waiting in anticipation for this week's theme because I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use.

This week's theme of Symmetry was a fun one and I also learnt that you can use diagonal lines in photography, not just horizontal and vertical ones. I never even thought of diagonal lines as an option, but it's an exciting one that I'll try to remember for future photo-taking.

You can see that I did, in fact, stick with vertical lines for this photo. Though, I chose this photo opportunity because I loved the way the staircase ascends to a destination that is hidden by the surrounding shubs.

I took this photo while on a research trip to Point Lonsdale and I was on my way to the beach and pier. Conditions on the day were very windy and overcast, though the rain held off. I enjoyed this lovely time for sightseeing.

You can check out more of my photos from my time at Point Lonsdale on my Gallery page too! 

Point Lonsdale pier staircase.JPG