Photofig Project 7: Horizon

I must admit, I can get a bit topsy-turvy when it comes to horizons and I’m usually stressing over whether I have captured my photo at the right angle. 

I get it right most of the time, though on occasion I can stray from the straight line. Still, I love horizons and I enjoy finding lots of inspirational foregrounds to complement the beckoning distance.

Vietnam Hue.JPG

This photo was taken on our bus trip to Hue, in Vietnam. We stopped here briefly for a bathroom break and some snacks. While the horizon is a little off-line, the makeshift jetty in the foreground, brooding weather and the mysterious hut in the distance drive me to love this photo. 

Imperfections are obvious, but this photo still brings me back to that time in Hue. It was such fabulous day of exploring.