I Travel Blog Challenge Me... and Thee!

It's still wintery and bleak here in Melbourne and I must admit that the cold is draining me of my energy. I can't wait for the summery sun to bronze my face and warm my bones!

While my inspiration for travel writing/blogging ideas rarely wavers, it's the energy to write that is currently eluding me. So, I am setting forth to conquer my fatigue and setting myself a travel blog challenge.

I have joined the Travel Blog Challenge and I hope to bounce back with more of my amazing travel stories with more frequency than an FM radio station.   

Travel Blog Challenge's aim is straight-forward. Their 1000-1000 Challenge asks travel bloggers to build up their travel blog to the point where it earns them at least $US1,000 per month and attains at least 1,000 visitors per day.  

Initially to me, this seemed quite daunting and a little unfathomable. However, it has been an aim of mine to generate some pocket money and an audience from my writing. So, a girl can always try!

If you have a travel blog, why don't you try too?

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