Photofig Project 1: Viewpoint

I've come across a wonderful website where I can participate in little photography projects at my own pace.  

Photofig provides users with various photography projects so that they can improve their photography skills. I'm always one for learning new things and building on my current skillset so I thought I'd give it a try.

Each project involves using current participants' photos in Photofig's bank, allowing participants to rate sets of previously submitted photos, think about the photos' strengths and weaknesses, then take and submit their own photos with the project's topic in mind. 

Currently, there are 21 projects to complete. Photos are ranked but I'm not in it for the competition. I'm in it to help me learn more about my craft and embrace my love of travel even more.  

The first project topic is Viewpoint. Here is my submission which was taken in Geelong while I was strolling along the Corio Bay Boardwalk. 


Geelong Corio Bay boardwalk 2.JPG