Photofig Project 4: Dawn and Dusk

I must admit that my photography skills at dawn and dusk are a little on the weak side. But, I think it's to do with the fact that I'm usually in the moment and enjoying the sunrise or sunset while the photography takes a backseat. Still, I have Photofig to help me improve on that! 

Tordi Garh wildlife sunset.JPG

It was only natural that I was dreading this week's theme of Dawn and Dusk. I decided to choose one of my weakest photos on purpose – so I could pick out my faults and keep them top of mind for when I'm enjoying the next sunrise or sunset at an a amazing destination.

This week's photo was taken while on a a late afternoon wildlife-spotting jeep ride on the outskirts of Tordi Garh in India's north. We stopped to sip tea and watch the local birdlife hibernate for the night as the sun disappeared from our view. Simply wonderful!