Photofig Project 2: Fill the Frame

I'm up to my second week in my little Photofig project and this week's topic is Fill the Frame. 

Admittedly, I sometimes find it hard to find a great subject that will fill my frame because I'm always trying to find a great subject that's also unique.  

I spent some time on a photography tour of Melbourne's street art laneways earlier this year and I found the perfect opportunity to fill my frame. The street art changes constantly so to grab this shot was a win for me.

The piece of street art featured in my photo is very old school in its approach, yet the message it portrays is powerful. Street art in Melbourne is met with mixed feelings – many think of it as graffiti or vandalism, while other see and applaud the skill and creativity within. The message is a stark reminder of this scrutiny that street artists face when they deliver their art through this medium.   

I hope you enjoy my photo as much as I do.