Photofig Project 11: Depth Cues Part 1

I think I’ve now reached the trickier stages of the Photofig Project and I’m at a point of no return. I’m still having loads of fun with it all, and I’m enjoying the work I’m creating. 

This week, I needed to explore depth cues. There are many ways that a photographer can achieve depth and one of the ways is to use a vanishing point via linear perspective. As a line in a photo gets narrower, the person looking at the photo can judge a faraway distance immediately.

While I was meandering through the Yarra Valley on a research trip late last year, I was drawn to the vines of Punt Road Wines and neighbouring trees. It gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my linear perspective and achieve depth in my photo. I’m pleased that the day was sunny so I could capture the glorious sky and colour of the plants. I hope you like it too.   

Napoleone Cider Punt Road fields horizontal.JPG