Photofig Project 11: Depth Cues Part 2

Depth Cues is being covered over three tutorials in my Photofig Project. Some might think there’s little difference between each one, but Part 2 proved otherwise.

This week, the emphasis was on aerial perspective and texture gradient. In the aerial perspective the photographer can use foreground objects that possess more clarity and sharpness to accentuate the depth and vastness of the subject in the photo. Alternatively, patterns and textures can be used to accentuate depth, such as bricks in the wall of well so the photographer can emphasise the as much of the well’s depth as possible.

I drew on my day-trip to Point Lonsdale on The Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria as the inspiration for this week’s photo. The outlook from Point Lonsdale Lighthouse drew me in immediately and I knew the foliage in the foreground really accentuated the vastness of The Rip – the entrance to Port Phillip Bay.

Point Lonsdale outlook.JPG