Photofig Project 12: Foreground Interest

Recently, I published a blog post about the upcoming Kellybrook Cider Festival – a time when Kellybrook Winery celebrates the art of brewing and drinking cider. As part of my research I attended last year’s festival and found lots of inspiration for taking photos.

The photos I didn’t use for my blog post still provided some fabulous material for this week’s Photofig project theme called Foreground Interest. The trick here is to grab the viewer’s eye immediately by focusing on a foreground subject and using its surrounds to complement both the subject and overall theme of the photo.

Kellybrook Cider Festival

In my case, the theme of my photo is the Kellybrook Cider Festival at Kellybrook Winery. The directional signage in the foreground accentuates the cellar door beautifully and the neighbouring foliage brings to the fore the natural, floral surrounds of the winery.

I’m glad I’ve been able to use this photo as it was definitely one of my favourites from the day.