How to Plan an Incredible Roadtrip

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The quintessential road trip means many things to many people. For some, it’s a chance to get away for the weekend. For others, it’s a rite of passage into adulthood or to mark a significant milestone. Or, it’s a lifelong dream to tick off a bucket list item.

Where will the road take you on your next roadtrip?

Where will the road take you on your next roadtrip?

No matter what the reason, the beauty of a roadtrip is that it can take on any form the traveller’s heart desires and can be as unique as the traveller. Here are some tips on how to plan an incredible roadtrip that will be remembered for years to come!


Contemplate your options, plan a little bit ahead and be realistic

There’s nothing like the lure of an open road and a full tank of petrol to get the wanderlust pumping through the veins. But before you step on the accelerator and zoom out of town, you may want to consider a little planning before you get yourself into trouble. Embarking on an epic and successful journey is key so you first need to choose where you want to go. Do you want to take on Route 66 in the U.S? Or are you pining for the sultry sea views of the Amalfi Coast? Or, are you heading towards a town you’ve always wanted to visit that’s only a few hours’ drive away? It’s helpful to have some idea as to where you’re heading, in case you need to book flights, accommodation, organise visas or an international license.

You may also need to factor in peak times or busy holiday periods so you’re not shoulder to shoulder with every other road warrior out there. Make sure you allow enough time up your sleeve to complete your journey and determine, realistically, how many hours of driving a day you’re willing to take on board or capable of doing.

If you can’t decide on where to go then add the ultimate thrill to the mix. Write your destinations on strips of paper and draw one randomly from a hat. Imagine the intoxicating feeling of choosing your destination randomly!


Avoid those peak times and the many road warriors out there on the open roads.

Avoid those peak times and the many road warriors out there on the open roads.

Choose your sweet ride

One of the best things about a roadtrip is that you can choose whichever mode of road transport you wish – car, bus, motorhome, motorbike, pushbike. Your own car is the easiest option but make sure your car is serviced before you go. Ensure all registrations and insurances are paid up, consider taking out roadside assistance and ensure your emergency items are packed like spare tyres and a first aid kit. Nothing could deflate a roadtrip more than being stranded on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere. If you want to make your trip a little more memorable, buy or hire your sweet ride from a reputable company like John Hughes Perth . Just make sure you can actually drive it. For instance, it’s no use organising a manual car if you can only drive an automatic. 


Make the journey ahead one to remember, rather than one to forget.

Make the journey ahead one to remember, rather than one to forget.

Invite your travelling companions wisely

A roadtrip is just that – a trip via road. This means that you’ll be travelling long distances in the confined space of a car. So make sure you choose your road company wisely. You don’t want to be hundreds of kilometres from home and arguing with your road buddy. Take along your best friend that you get along famously with, or your partner who you can trust and get romantic with, or a family member you cherish. The moments you share together will be remembered for years to come. A trusted roadtrip buddy with a driver’s license also means you can share the long distance driving and minimise fatigue.

Curate an epic soundtrack

If there are many hours of driving involved, you’ll need some quality audio to help the kilometres click over. Load your smartphone or MP3 player with all your favourite tracks for back-to-back aural bliss. If you still have a CD player, then pack some of your favourite CDs you haven’t listened to in years. For something a little left of field, consider some audio books that are based on the regions you’re travelling through to get your mind into a local mindset. Speaking of local, tune in to some of the local radio stations along your journey. It’s an extra way to get an insight into local life and you may just discover news about a festival or event you might want to experience. 


Factor in regular pit stops to discover local secrets

As much as you plan a little for the journey ahead, it’s also good to keep your itinerary flexible for any unexpected detours and adventures. Not only do regular pit stops combat driving fatigue, they’re the perfect opportunity to stretch the legs and discover some local secrets or explore hidden gems. Stop for morning tea or lunch in a quaint, little town to meet the locals and sample local produce. Buy your snacks while on the road by stopping at a roadside fruit and vegetable cart or chocolate shop or bakery. Perhaps read up on the region you’re heading to before departure? Many regions have lots of resources and local knowledge online via council, shire or tourism websites.


Why not plan something extravagent for when you reach your destination?

Why not plan something extravagent for when you reach your destination?

Book in an extravagent experience at your destination

A lengthy drive can attract tiredness, stiff muscles and a sore backside. Book in something extravagant to look forward to before you depart. It could be a pamper session at a local spa, or a decadent meal at a swanky restaurant or something as simple as a bubbly soak in the massive bath in your B&B room. This can be the icing on the top of your incredible roadtrip and can prepare you for the reluctant journey home.  


How do you make your roadtrips incredible? Share your tips for an unforgettable roadtrip.