20 Quick Hints for Planning a Fun Daytrip

Daytrips are exciting and make you feel like you’re heading off on a quick holiday in only a short space of time. Daytrips are also a great way to experience a new destination without a huge amount of planning or time from work while still benefiting from relaxation and time out.

Daytrips are a perfect excuse to escape the house and do something you’ve always wanted to do or explore a place you’ve always wanted to explore.


Today is Easter Monday;  one last chance over the Easter break for you to get out and snatch yourself some lovely time out before work starts up again.

Here are my quick hints to ensure you sneak in a fun daytrip before the daily grind resumes.

  1. Start out early. You don’t need to be up at the crack of dawn, but an early start means more hours for exploring.
  2. Make sure you leave with a full tank of petrol. If you’re low, fill up before you go.
  3. Choose a destination that’s only an hour or so from home. You don’t want to spend a large portion of your day driving.
  4. Pack some music for the journey, just in case radio reception is questionable along your route.
  5. Pack some snacks for the drive, such as fruits, nuts or good quality chocolate. A bottle of water always comes in handy too.
  6. ‘Go’ before you go. This will minimise stops or the trouble of locating a bathroom while you’re on the open road.
  7. If you have tickets to an exhibition or matinee, make it a daytrip in itself by extending the day with a pre-show brunch or post-long lunch at a restaurant you’ve been longing to try.
  8. Consider an alternative mode of transport for added excitement such as a train, coach, bus or bicycle.
  9. Consider a day learning a new skill like a cooking course or day-long yoga retreat or learning a new language for your upcoming overseas trip.
  10. Spend a day at a festival you’ve always wanted to attend. Remember to buy your tickets in advance so you don’t miss out!
  11. Dedicate a day visiting a cherished relative or good friend who lives a distance away. Pack a homemade cake and spend the time over an afternoon tea to really catch-up.
  12. Consider volunteering one day to a cause that’s close to your heart such as an animal sanctuary or charity kitchen.
  13. Prepare for unpredictable weather by packing an umbrella, jacket, hat and sunscreen.
  14. Gather a carload of friends to share the journey and day’s experience with.
  15. Plan your day to suit the weather conditions so you can minimise disappointment and dampened spirits.
  16. Bring enough cash to get you through the day, in case there are no ATMs or credit card facilities at your destination.
  17. Charge all your devices the night before you set out. That means phones, cameras and spare batteries.
  18. Remember to pack any prepaid tickets for any activities you’ve planned. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a show and your tickets are still sitting on the kitchen bench!
  19. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are suitable for the day’s activities and pack a spare change if you think you’ll need it.
  20. Last but not least – leave work and daily responsibilities at home! This is your time to unwind and re-energise. Imagine the discoveries you’ll find when your head is not buried in your phone and your mind isn’t wandering elsewhere? 

Do you have a great hint for a fun daytrip to share?
Why not share your hints below so we can build on this list!