Has Travel Ever Hurt You?

Over the weekend, I sat in the dentist’s chair for my final appointment to complete a root canal. The root canal is the end of the road for this poor tooth, brought to the attention of my dentist back in 2012 when he discovered a cavity as big as the Grand Canyon. The cavity had been ignored by dentists in check-ups past, and it was my decision to change dentists which eventually led to the discovery of this cavity.

Travel Health

The cavity was discovered in 2012, exactly one week before I was scheduled to fly out for my next jaunt overseas. “You’re not going anywhere just yet”, my dentist declared. He wanted to fill the cavity before I left, fearful that something would go awry during my journey if nothing was done before my departure. I was given a priority appointment a couple of days later and I flew out successfully as planned. There was no need for any emergency dental work during my journey.

As I waited for the anaesthetic to wear off from my root canal, I started thinking about all the times I’ve travelled overseas and the amount of times I’ve ever been sick, injured or medically challenged while on the road. Apart from the occasional headache, chest cold, hangover or one very mild case of diarrhoea, I have never (touch wood) been in a situation where I’ve had to seek urgent medical assistance, go to hospital or miss out on seeing what I came to see because I couldn’t get out of bed.

I’ve been trying to work out why I’ve been so lucky, but I don’t think it comes down to luck. I’m adamant that my consistent run of relatively good health while on the road comes down to simple common sense. I’m pretty good at reading my gut feeling, so I’m confident my common sense has helped me along my way and kept me virtually unscathed so far.

My common sense has a very keen eye for the details such as:

·         Don’t eat any food that’s been sitting in the open for long periods of time

·         Don’t jump into a car with a complete stranger or an unauthorised transport carrier

·         Don’t drink anything beyond bottled and sealed beverages

·         Don’t be on my own and/or out on the streets at stupid hours of the night

If my gut ever tells me no, then there’s a good reason that I should listen very carefully. Let’s hope my relatively good run keeps on going.


How have you fared while on the road? Have you ever been caught up in a spot of bother on your travels? Have you ever had to make claim on your travel insurance when you returned home? I’m keen to hear about your experiences and how you overcame them. Or, have you been left unscathed so far?