Enjoy a Cuppa for AmnesTEA on August 27

One lesson that travel has taught me is that no matter where I travel, the locals who I encounter enjoy bonding with one another over a hot beverage. Whether it’s a freshly brewed tea or coffee, locals use the opportunity of a piping hot cup to come together and discuss the day or welcome a guest or say goodbye to a friend or relative. The art of drinking tea or coffee as a way we bond with one another seems to be universal, no matter which country we travel to.

tea AmnesTEA

I’ve always enjoyed a hot beverage while out on the road and I’ve had many precious moments where I’ve bonded with newfound friends. I ordered a roadside masala tea stop while in Nepal before I became vegan, I debated on how much sugar I needed in my Egyptian coffee that I enjoyed with my guide in Egypt and I adored the teapots I found while dining out for breakfast at the teahouse Teapot in Fort Kochi, India. I even brought home a tradition from Syria by making my own peppermint tea and I walked through Melbourne’s espresso history. The cultural lessons I’ve learned along the way are still treasured to this day.

Amnesty International has recognised the strong bonds that a cup of tea can create. Amnesty International wants to create a movement too – a movement where people get together to raise money for human rights injustices worldwide.

Amnesty International is looking for individuals and groups to host their very own AmnesTEA on Thursday, August 27. Whether it’s at work, or at the local sports club or even your favourite teahouse or café with friends, supporters around Australia are being called on to stand in solidarity, participate in or host an AmnesTEA event and encourage attendees to donate to Amnesty International’s efforts in protecting human rights worldwide.

If you’d like to get involved and host your own AmnesTEA event, check out Amnesty International’s website and complete the registration form.  Tips and hints on how to plan your event can also be found on the website.

If you're unable to host an event, you can still get involved by donating to Amnesty International directly