Follow My Footsteps Friday to Fuel your Weekend

I enjoy my blog Fire & Tea because it’s my own space where I can write, travel and create. I’ve been writing and travelling in various forms throughout my life and I don’t think I’d feel myself if I wasn’t doing one or the other or both!

Though, I must admit that I need to allow time for self-care by taking regular breaks and nourishing myself so I don’t over-do it. As much as I adore creating the content on Fire & Tea and feeding my two life-long loves as a "one-girl show", I feel I sometimes miss out on sharing all the little secrets I enjoy in any given week.

Without further ado, I’ll be posting impromptu “Follow My Footsteps Friday” posts. I’ll share photos and links to some of my little secrets from the road to inspire you to discover them or find your own secrets.

I hope you enjoy this little round-up as much as I did this week. 


When: 1.00pm Sunday
Where: Bopha Devi at Docklands, Melbourne, Australia
What: A lazy Cambodian lunch of Kari Khmer with tofu, Char Kroeung with tofu and beers
Bonus tip: The garlic chive rice cakes are a delicious entrée choice

Bopha Devi Docklands Cambodian

When: 2.30pm Sunday
Where: Docklands, Melbourne, Australia
What: Relaxing walks in Melbourne’s mild spring sunshine
Bonus tip: Docklands Sunday Market is held on each weekend along New Quay Promenade

Docklands Melbourne travel

When: 4.30pm Wednesday
Where: Oliver’s Real Food on the M1 Freeway in Officer, Melbourne, Australia
What: A fast and healthy dinner of Vege Patch Pocket and a side of steamed beans after refuelling
Bonus tip: Oliver’s Real Food also serves a veggie korma. An excuse for another pit-stop soon!

Oliver's Real Food Officer M1 Melbourne travel

When: 7.00pm Thursday
Where: Shu Restaurant in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
What: Dumpling Thursdays over beers and ciders
Bonus tip: Shu Restaurant also hosts Vegan Degustation Wednesdays. You can check out an earlier review of mine.

dumplings Shu Restaurant Melbourne Collingwood Sichuan

Now, off you go and fuel your weekend!