Eating New Year’s Crepes and Coming Full Circle at Evolve

“The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground”. It’s a quote you wouldn’t expect to see when your husband orders a chilli hot chocolate on a warm New Year’s Day. After an hour and a half of hiking through Grant’s Picnic Ground, we decided to make a stop at Evolve Fair Food Store for a replenishing brunch. While lazing back on their roaming verandah, calming our breathing and watching the day-trippers drive by, I stopped to think.

Evolve Fair Food Store Belgrave food

It was exactly this same day – New Year’s Day – last year when we rang in another New Year’s meal here. After a turbulent year of events, playing catch-up in many corners of my life, and a trip to Sumatra in between, it was clear that we have come full circle and I was finally feeling my feet feel the ground again. Evolve Fair Food Store was experiencing its own full circle. While over a tender spread of banana maple crepes, scattered by sweet strawberries, almond slivers and a side-bowl of almond cream, it came to light that Evolve was up for sale. Would this humble stop be new ground for a new owner to change things? It’s a mammoth decision for a business owner to sell and I hope Evolve keeps its fair food vision intact through a graceful transition.  

As I pondered this for a moment, as I peered through Evolve’s sturdy window panes. Within, the busy kitchen was working hard to create the loving meals we have enjoyed here. The staff has always been ever-so-friendly; and we always felt the labour of culinary love that is served in each dish.

At this same time, a speckled butterfly floated gently near the glass. This vibrant beauty had already scanned Evolve’s interior and was navigating her way back out into the wide open spaces to tell the world all about it.

Evolve Fair Food Store 2016 New Year

It doesn’t matter whether travel happens locally or abroad overseas. What matters are the lessons we discover in travel. We are all in a constant state of journey and I am grateful for what travel teaches us. I tucked into the warm, sweet folds of my crepes and savoured every mouthful while they lasted.

Sending a big wish to you all and your families for 2016. Let's all fill the coming months with love and light, and I hope you all enjoy this beautiful New Year. Dream big, keep the excitement alive and cherish each and every moment along your chosen journey. Be kind, stay true to yourselves and celebrate all the great things that can be achieved.