What I Pack into my Transit Travel Kit

I love all facets of travel, including transit travel. I’m not too sure why, but I just love being on a long journey – whether by air, land or sea – and gazing out to the horizon. With the amount of transit travel I do whenever I go away, I always make sure I’m prepared with my very own transit travel kit.

Because I travel regularly I always get asked what I actually pack into my kit. The truth is, a transit travel kit can be as unique as the traveller. While my transit travel kit suits me, there might be some ideas in there for you too. Here’s my transit travel kit – bit by bit. 


Clothing that can be layered
I’m one of those people who always feels the cold. I layer my clothes for the journey so that I can peel layers off when I’m warm and add them back on whenever air-conditioning or chills set in. Cardigans always help me out and I always pack at least one. I also take a wide scarf that can be used as a shawl so I can laze back into my seat with a good book, all wrapped up and secure.


Fluffy socks and kick-off shoes
Fluffy socks always make me feel warm, cosy and fuzzy. Popping on a pair of fluffy socks makes me feel relaxed so I can recline into my journey comfortably. I also wear slip-on shoes that can be easily slipped off while I’m seated and slipped back on when I have to make a quick trip to the bathroom or wander the aisles to stretch my legs. Both can be shoved into my bag  and use up minimal space.


Chewing gum and ginger flavoured lollies
I’ve experienced problems with my ears throughout my life and air travel means blocked ears and inner ear pain for me.  I always bring a full pack of chewing gum or chewy lollies. The act of chewing reduces the pressure and pain in my ears. Chewing gum that’s infused with eucalypt and menthol is an added bonus because the strong taste keeps my airways unblocked and I can breathe easily. I’m also susceptible to motion sickness, so ginger flavoured lollies ease my tummy.


Vegan snacks
Being vegan means that I need to be pre-prepared. Obviously, I choose a vegan meal if a meal is included on a flight, though I can never assume I’ll be given options in between meals. To avoid disappointment, I pack snacks in my bag to get me through. Fruit, nuts, muesli bars and a small treat like chocolate or lollies will keep me nourished in between meals. I just have to make sure that they’re eaten before I land so I don’t get pulled up at customs. If I don’t want to drink caffeinated tea and coffee, I pack a few herbal teabags just in case.


A good supply of books and reading material
I read constantly and a long journey is a great opportunity to get stuck into a few good books. I load my Kindle with a generous supply of books so I can tick a few off my reading list.  


A neck pillow
I can get by with minimal neck support during a short sojourn but a neck pillow is a must whenever an epic journey is booked. My neck is the first to get stiff and sore, and usually leads to unpleasant headaches. A neck pillow gives me simple relief and comfort.


A pen and paper
When travelling overseas, there is always the need to complete arrival and departure cards. I always pack a blue or black pen for this reason. Plus, I have a pen in case I start to think about blog ideas and I need to jot them down quickly! A long journey affords me with big slabs of time for scribbling out blog posts and ideas.


What do you pack into your transit travel kit?

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