A Caterpillar’s Dream for Melbourne’s Very Hungry Ones

Sundays are known for rest, relaxation and taking it real slow. Sundays also mean that hungry travellers awake and create microadventures of their own, most likely involving a leisurely drive, a movie and a lazy lunch if the sun is shining brightly. Kew in Melbourne’s inner east is one destination to where very hungry Melburnians can travel and grab a sustaining lazy lunch.

Flanked by Kew’s ever-popular food establishments including Leo’s Fine Food store and tucked neatly off the main road lies A Caterpillar’s Dream.  This is one vegetarian hotspot where hungry travellers can devour a sizeable brunch or lunch and spoil themselves with little sweet treats afterwards.

A Caterpillar’s Dream leads with a passion – to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle based on vegetarian meal diversity. They encourage their patrons to look after their body, mind and soul as well as the planet, and what easier way than to enjoy a two-course meal from their extensive menu.

To calm the hungry belly, a pot of steaming roasted rice tea is chosen for starters. Roasted rice tea takes green tea one step further; a mild green tea combined with roasted rice. What ensues is a lightly clouded green tea accentuated by a nutty-like flavour. On a cool, winter Sunday like this, roasted rice tea is a welcomed and warming choice.

Not long after my first cup, the main meal arrives. Anticipation is aplenty for my choice, not to mention eager intrigue. It’s a plate crowned with a vegan take on the popular breakfast dish – silken tofu benedict atop toasted English muffin rounds, crumbed tomato cheeks and wilted spinach. The golden tofu is subtly firm yet wobbles delightfully and the veganised Hollandaise sauce is, to me, spot on. I ate my fair share of this French staple before becoming vegan, so it amazes me to find such a worthy contender plated before me; shiny, dense and smooth. The tomatoes have retained their shape in their golden, crispy shells and their centres are soft, adding another delicious angle to this breakfast classic. I now have another excuse to return to A Caterpillar’s Dream repeatedly, just to order this dish. Incredible.

There are other hot-ticket items on the lunch menu, such as the faux chicken schnitzel toasted sandwich loaded with salad, vegan mayonnaise and Napoli sauce. A toasted sandwich simply can’t be eaten alone, so a side serve of sweet potato wedges arrive promptly to be munched on. Though, there’s yet another spin to discover. The wedges are lightly battered and dusted in a tempting plum and pepper spice mix. Can the surprises end here at A Caterpillar’s Dream? Not at all!

I’d been eyeing off the cake cabinet since I arrived and it’s brimming with sweets such as cupcakes, muffins, petit fours and jars filled with cookies and yo-yos. A couple of petiti fours and a rotund yo-yo are chosen to top off this filling meal; all found to be vegan friendly. These petit fours may be small (as the name implies) but the flavours are big – chocolate peanut butter topped in a caramel sauce and sweet spice dusted in chocolate powder and shavings.

A Caterpillar’s Dream is not just a dream for hungry travellers, it’s a dream for those in search of vegan options including dessert too!        

Hurry to A Caterpillar’s Dream and munch away those winter hunger pains. 4/26 Princess Street Kew Victoria 3101. Phone (03) 9939 6133. Hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4:00pm, Friday to Saturday 8.30am to 4.00pm then 5:30pm to 9.00pm and Sundays 9.00am to 4.00pm.

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