Cherishing Travel Moments as a Happy Camper or Happy Glamper

Melbourne’s late-night city traffic hums stories below as it idles me to sleep. I’m insulated by layers of blankets; high and dry so to speak. I’ve been treated to a rooftop glamping trip and the experience fancies me with a wave of glamour comforts. Yet, I find the experience reminiscent of camping trips past. One vivid childhood camping trip immediately floods the mind…

It was a perilous beach camping weekend; detached from civilisation and homely conveniences, the weather inclement and wildly unpredictable. Like a thunder-clap, the ocean smashed on the beach in the black hours of early morning. The universe hung above; constellations sparkled across the sky to shine into my weary eyes as I took a quick peek through the shoddy tent zipper Shaken, I bundled back into my sleeping bag and curled into a ball in the hope my leggings and jumpers warmed me.

The icy chill blowing in from the shore rattled the rickety tent and I’m convinced it was about to take off. Could my tent succumb to this nautical strength and have us both barrelling across the sand dunes like tumbleweed? Instead, my limbs numbed from the chill and it was an ache to breathe. I dozed in and out of shallow sleep in the hope the sun rose; sooner rather than later.

Camping is a raw way to experience our world and has the potential to get you as close to nature as you want, or nudge you beyond your travelling comfort zone. The level of your remoteness soars as you edge further away from home and the comforts of such home.

Glamping, on the other hand, can be the resolve between these two poles – how far you want to go, and how far you want to push yourself. A lesson in resilience? Maybe. If you don’t camp or despise camping, then glamping could be a way for you to push through that barrier. If you’re a camper, can you see self toying with the idea of glamping? Possibly.

Either way, there is a flipside to this travelling thought process. You may just find light bulb moments in both – fun, unexpected idiosyncrasies exclusive to camping or glamping that you may cherish in your travel memories for years to come.     

Whether you’re glamping or camping…

  • You’re pushing yourself through a personal barrier and being open-minded to an unexplored way to travel.
  • There will always be an early rustling and unzipping of the tent when “nature calls”, whether it’s to visit the portable toilet block or dig a hole. If overnight rain has fallen, the ground always squishes and squeaks under your sandals. Your socks always find a way to dampen a little, too.
  • There are almost always local secrets to explore and sample – food, things to do, flora and fauna.
  • Breakfast is always the most important meal of the travelling day, whether it’s a hand-crafted breakfast box delivered to your tent-step tailored to your dietary needs, or heated from a can or packet over an open fire. A hot beverage is never too far away, either. 
  • The sun can wake you at a reasonable hour, making you feel refreshed, revived and ready to start your day or exploration. Your mind isn’t buzzing around, either. You’re free to leave daily routines at home.
  • Card games, books and little snacks are essential components of any camping or glamping trip. They aid in your quest for relaxation and connection with your surroundings. Or, help pass time and reduce “cabin fever” if inclement weather sets in.  

Are you a happy camper or happy glamper? Have you tried both? If so, do you have a cherished travel moment you’d like to share? I’d love to read your thoughts and experiences in the comment sharing below.

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