GPSmyCity: Customised GPS-Guided Travel for Meandering Travellers like You

As a meandering, mostly self-guided, traveller, I like to let the road lead me the way; from discovering local secrets and amazing local food to unwaveringly warm hospitality from the locals who know the area the most intimately.  I enjoy bringing my discoveries to the web through my blog, and sharing the deep insights that amplify my experiences. Travel has an immeasurable way of delivering us these unique experiences.  

We are also heavily reliant on the use of a smartphone during our travels and we can make our travel even more intimate through the use of a GPS and using apps or sourcing travel articles online. Recently, my phone decided to die from a memory deficit though I was quick to replace it with a sparkling new unit. And, it’s only recently that I’ve discovered the unlimited benefits of apps. Admittedly, I am a late bloomer when it comes to adopting technology and weaving it into my travel. In the case of apps, at first, my old school mind was a little wary.

It was about this same time when GPSmyCity approached me to file some of my travel articles to their GPS fuelled app so that they can be transformed into self-guided city walks. The beauty of my travel articles being accepted by GPSmyCity is that I can experience the wonder that this new world of apps can provide me personally, while broadening the horizons of my wayfaring travel readers for the benefit of their own travel. GPSmyCity is currently mapping out these self-guided walks for cities around the globe, using individualised travel articles, in one central location. Imagine the unlimited bandwidth of local travel knowledge, all housed in the one GPS app? Travellers like you can be led the way to many dot-points so you can truly experience a destination in an intimate way – like me! All you need to do is pick and choose the articles you want to access and before you know it, you’re motoring along on your way.     

Gratefully, I have had one of my travel articles accepted by GPSmyCity – ‘Mapping out a Vegan Foodie Tour of Inner City Sydney’. What a way to pop my app newbie cherry, hey? Incredible. Another thought that is racing through my mind is the realisation that anyone who buys and downloads the app can experience some of the memorable local spots that I have, though experiencing these spots in their own unique way. My travel articles are now written from a vegan perspective, yet I’m so thankful that vegans and non-vegans alike can access my local knowledge so they too can travel the vegan road – whether it’s out of curiosity or a lifestyle necessity.

I’ve never been one to include the actual directions to the spots I focus on, yet GPSmyCity does this for travellers, making the self-guided approach all the more easy and accessible. Plus, you just upload the guide you want, so no fluff or filler to deal with. You can create your own bank of guides, depending on the roads you follow. How customisable and unique to your travels?   

To celebrate my first travel article being accepted by GPSmyCity, as well as bring you the travel benefits of this app, you can download my GPSmyCity developed travel article free of charge. All you need to do is install the GPSmyCity app and click on this link to my travel article. All too easy, even for this app newbie. If I can do it, you can too.

This freebie offer is only available from Monday, December 19 to Sunday December 25. Just in time for Chrissy! So, take advantage of it then start mapping out your travels for the destinations you’re travelling to now.     

Disclaimer: I receive a percentage revenue of apps sold via GPSmyCity from those apps that feature my travel articles.

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