Sustainable Travel is Possible with these Easy Travel Tips

The act of travel has sky-rocketed over recent years, which means that more and people are relying on precious resources our world offers. Air travel, food and water supplies, and disposable waste have increased in order to support travellers in achieving their travel dreams and ticking off bucket-list items. So how can we, as travellers, manage this reliance on local resources and reduce our impact on the planet? Here are my easy tips to help you be a more sustainable traveller and help the world support your travel ambitions.

Go Vegan or Choose the Vegan Option
There’s no time like the present to go vegan and you’ll find there’s a surge in vegan options emerging on menus and vegan restaurants popping up across the globe. If you choose to eat a vegan diet it means that you choose to support our environment at the same time. Eating the vegan option helps to decrease the strain that animal agriculture has on our waterways, agricultural land and air quality. If going entirely vegan is not an option for you, then it’s easy to choose more vegan options when you dine out in your travels. For the time in between meals, pack vegan snacks in your daypack such as nuts, seeds, fresh and dried fruits; all easily accessible from local markets. Remember, ‘think global act local’. And, there’s no time like the present as it’s Veganuary. If you’re already vegan, good for you!

Reduce the Waste with BYO Supplies
Travellers aren’t strangers to the amount of waste that comes with travel like empty water bottles and plastic food wrappings. It’s easy to pack your own supplies in your bag such as your own cutlery, a light-weight plate, food container and collapsible bowl, eco-cup, water bottle and reusable napkin. Cafés are now accepting BYO cups instead of disposable cups and some even offer a discount on your beverage when you BYO cup. Saving on the waste means saving on the amount of cups and packaging going into landfill. Use this same thinking with toiletries by eliminating the temptation to use complimentary hotel room gifts and bring your own bathroom supplies.

Take Care of the Local Animals by Saying No
Zoos are a lonely place for native animals, and the only place these animals call home is the wild. Refrain from supporting zoos and other forms of animal entertainment by just saying no. Instead, research the local conservation scene and find a sanctuary you can visit and support with your patronage. Better still, offer your volunteering time and lend a hand for a day or two or send a donation to one of these animal protection causes. Also, choose travel companies that don’t support the use of animals e.g. horse riding, camel or donkey tours and elephant rides.

So, how do you be more sustainable in your travels? Are you incorporating the above travel tips in your travels already? Do you have a sustainable travel tip you’d like to share?

It’s a brand New Year! If you’re not already vegan and want to give it a try in 2018, you can join Veganuary during January. Sign up for free and you’ll have access to support and resources you may need.

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