The Best Vegan Nights in Melbourne for Dinner

There are a few vegan nights in Melbourne that deliver vegan cuisine to a new level. Specially crafted vegan cuisine shows the world that incredible vegan food is accessible, possible and inclusive. Supporting the vegan nights in Melbourne also means supporting those businesses that are genuinely trying to seek a vegan path if they’re not already there.

Vegan Degustation Nights at Shu Restaurant

If you think of Shu Restaurant, think of delicious Chinese Sichuan cooking with a contemporary twist. This restaurant in Collingwood in Melbourne exudes a modern gallery feel with tasty Sichuan food with a modern vegan vibe. This is the perfect location for a vegan dinner night with friends who may be omni, and are curious about vegan Chinese food. Over the course of ten dishes you can celebrate the act of enjoying a good meal with good friends, despite life differences; all the elements for a memorable get-together.

Shu holds these nights regularly (particularly Tuesdays nights). Sichuan cooking is also known to be spicy, so it’s also one of the best places in Melbourne to experience this style of cuisine. Degustation nights also give guests the option to match their degustation dishes with matched wines.  And, here’s a fun fact – Shu is actually short for Sichuan, the southwest province from which this style of cooking originates. It’s an area that is known to be the ‘Land of Heaven’ where some of the world’s earliest people in China planted, harvested and foraged while using seasonal ingredients and being plant-based.

147 Johnston Street Collingwood Victoria 3066. $55 per person or $115 per person with matched vegan wines. Visit the website for more details or to make a booking. Gluten-free can be catered for.  

Vegan Nights at The Independent in Gembrook

The Independent in Gembrook is hosting its own vegan nights in outer Melbourne. Diners book in to experience Argentinean food over multiple courses, with or without matched drinks, and all crafted by Head Chef Mauro Callegari. Never during my first lunch there back in 2015 did I imagine The Independent in Gembrook would host these vegan nights on regular Fridays. On further investigation, The Independent in Gembrook now features a standalone vegan section on its regular menu. Take the car through the rolling, winding hills and bushland of The Dandenongs in Melbourne’s outer east, to feast on six share courses including dessert. Luckily, all dishes are customisable so those needing gluten-free don’t miss out. The kitchen takes care of this.

79 Main Street Gembrook Victoria 3783. Phone: 03 5968 1110. Six courses, inclusive of a dessert, $52 per person. Bookings are essential and a non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.  Check out the website for future dates for vegan nights. 

Exclusive Dinner Events at Soulpod Foods in Croydon South

Soulpod Foods has opened right next door to Eastfield Natural Foods as a day-time all vegan café, with good friends Adele McConnell Daniela De Martino running the business to ‘bring the best organic, plant based foods to the eastern suburbs of Melbourne’.  Exclusive dinner events like Valentine’s Day dinner and Tapas Nights are just a couple of the events that have already been hosted here. According to reports, tickets to the exclusive Valentine’s Day event this year sold out in less than two days with little promotion. This is testament to how Soulpod Foods has opened with impact and bringing their existing vegan direction to an enticingly fun level. Tables are regularly packed during the day for lunch, especially on Saturdays.

Adele and Daniela deliver love through food, something that seemed to be effortless at their Valentine’s Day dinner. Of course, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on into bringing these exclusive dinners to life and to table. Over three courses, couples and friends can nibble through creative, healthy dishes while being serenaded by the tender flavours abound.

43, The Mall Croydon South Victoria 3136. Phone: 03 8201 8710. Visit their website for announcements for future exclusive dinners. ​

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