Travelling to a Destination is Finding the Way Through

I’m two weeks out from my next trip overseas and there’s still so much to do: packing, booking in side-trips, finalising any legal stuff, and finding a holiday home for my gorgeous cat, Lily.

It’s been two years since I travelled overseas, and I’m already exhausted. Getting to this point in the planning has really taken its toll for a few reasons. My health hasn’t been that great, demands at work have increased and I’m living through one of the coldest Melbourne winters I can remember in a long time. It’s taking me longer to tick stuff off my travel planning list and my body feels heavier with every step closer to fly-out day. The word ‘sluggish’ comes to mind, but it doesn’t do the current situation any justice.

This is the first time that I have felt so slow

I’m always grateful for travel, and the ability to embark on it. I acknowledge travel isn’t always available to everyone by choice. So why do I feel so slow? Why do I feel as if I’m the tortoise in a race against the hare? Could this be a case of travel planning fatigue? Such a thought sounds too indulgent. It’s my choice to travel, my money spent and my hours put in to earn said money to fund my travels. Travel is a luxury that not everyone is privileged to enjoy.

Trips in the past have been more automatic for me to plan, more straight-forward and easy. Why does this trip feel so hard and heavy? I’ve reassured myself that it’s just a sign of one needing a very overdue break. All in all, a sense of optimism is needed. The phrase slowly, but surely does the trick here.

Like a lot of moments in my life – as this one – I’ve discovered that the best way to a destination is finding the way through.

Just like a train that skirts along its sturdy tracks, we can all meticulously plan a trip with precision and enthusiasm. It’s the stops or unexpected delays along the way will help us find the tools needed to dig deep for the stamina we need then direct ourselves through. This is more important to the journey as the destination itself.

There are going to be curves in the path along the way and they are the curves that make travel so exhilarating. Even during those times when we may not feel as exhilarated as we should.

So, have you ever experienced travel planning fatigue? How have you worked towards finding the way through? What are your tips? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.    

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