Making the First Travel Move when you’re an Introvert

It’s been a long while since I wrote on the subject of introversion in the context of travel. What I’ve learned since I wrote this piece on how to travel the world like an introvert, I uncovered one crucial point that doesn’t get talked about all that often.

I didn’t realise it at first but I very rarely make the first travel move.

Like a loving relationship, taking the initiative is crucial if we want to embark on travel with those we care about. Relying on others to create the travel path for us can be fun but after a while it becomes a chore. The person in your life that constantly takes the first travel move becomes increasingly exhausted and despondent. And your travel plans and dreams may not – ever – come to fruition. Making travel decisions doesn’t need to be a one-way street. All parties need to make and be encouraged to make the first travel move.

As much as this might sound terrifying to introverts (actually, this always feels overwhelmingly daunting to me), making the first travel move can actually bring a sense of lightness and rekindle connectedness in our relationships. We as introverts can start to break down fears in our everyday lives and travel is a brilliant way to achieve this.

Believe it or not, introverts need extroverts as much as extroverts need introverts. These personality types mellow out the world and each of us, who identify with one or the other personality type, will know the benefits the opposite brings us. I know that extroverts are great for me. They are the conversation starters, friendship builders and energy generators. I feel at home when I travel with extroverts because they fuel the fire to keep me going, especially at those times when I might need a little lie-down to reboot.

So, how can we as introverts make the first travel move? I’ve done some digging internally and can report that these methods are the best suited to me. I hope you find them useful when attempting to make the first travel move as an introvert.

Be strategic in choosing your travelling party

If you’re an introvert with a small, trusted group of friends you hold close, then this group is right for you to travel with. These special people in your life will allow you to be yourself and you feel at home in being yourself around them. Feeling comfortable is essential when travelling. They know your personality and your habits. They understand your introversion. They will know when you need a break and when you want to go to a new place. They know that crowded areas might not be great for your energy levels and will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone for a little while so you can experience a new destination.

Get travel inspiration from within  

Trying to work out where to travel to and what to do can be puzzling. If you have a never-ending list, it’s best to start small and build from there. Get inspiration from those memories in your childhood. For me, reading books provided me with a wild imagination and the motivation to make my travel dreams come true. Now, I rely more on the internet and travel publications to discover new places to travel to. Trust your gut and let your intuition lead you the way. Sift through e-newsletters and websites. Find those places and travel experiences that will appeal to both you and your travel party. Then, communicate these small doses of travel inspiration to your travel party through emails and social media. Create a buzz electronically without the tedious task of chatting on the phone or in person. Lead with something like: “This looks amazing. Want to come with me?”

Book the trip and send an invite to friends

You can now be the tour leader, in a sense. Book the trip then allow your travel party to follow. The choice whether or not to go is now theirs. Chances are if they decide not to go, then you will still have an incredible time travelling solo. If anything, it’s their loss but they will trust your judgement. Being the introvert, you’ve already dedicated countless time researching the pros and cons of going. The extroverts in your group will trust what you’ve laid out for them then take the plunge with you.

So, if you’re an introvert, what have you done to make the first travel move? Or, are you an extrovert who has gone on a trip organised by your introverted friend or partner? I’d love to hear about the first travel moves you’ve made!

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