My 3 Favourite Vegan Food Spots on the Mornington Peninsula

Heading to the Mornington Peninsula for a beachside getaway? Just over an hour’s drive south east of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula is a picturesque getaway destination.

Beachside fun in the summer months, and nature walks through native bushland in the cooler months, the Mornington Peninsula affords travellers all the relaxation they need.

Part of that relaxation involves long lunches and rejuvenating brunches. Here are three of my favourite destinations on the Mornington Peninsula for amazing vegan food.

Conscious Cravings Co in Moorooduc

This is tiny cottage café with a huge array of vegan flavours and treats to try. I like to head to Conscious Cravings Co for a light lunch and warm drink stop, or for a lengthier stay to try their cakes and slices. You are also served a slice of luxuriousness here at Conscious Cravings Co, as all their handcrafted dishes and beverages are served on boards and in decorated ceramics. Choose from their short-order menu from salad bowls, veggie wraps and satisfying avocado on toast. Any of these dishes are lovely when partnered with a hot beverage. Treat yourself afterwards with artisan chocolate brownies, turmeric cream cookies or an array of slices. My favourite is their lemon slice. If you can’t fit it in, simply ask to take one with you. It’s here where you can give in to your cravings while being conscious of the environment, the animals and your health all at the same time.

8/475 Moorooduc Highway, Moorooduc Victoria 3933. Phone: 0409 742 695. Open Monday to Friday 7.30am to 3.30pm, Saturday 8.00am to 3.30pm, Sundays 9.00am to 3.00pm.

Soulful Vegan Food in Mornington

I must admit, all vegan food is food for the soul. Though, Soulful Vegan Food creates food for the soul this pretty darn well. They do it on the coast in the sunny seascape town of Mornington. As their tagline suggests, it’s all 100% vegan food and 100% delicious. Soulful Vegan Food’s chef Emma was only 21 when she opened its doors, after establishing a highly successful market stall. Her mission is to create impactful and accessible vegan food that’s also delicious. People pack Soulful Vegan Food regularly, and the menu changes with the seasons. Specials are daily and enticing, too, from burgers to waffles, pancakes, bean dishes and quintessential scrambled tofu. Give your meal an added soulful kick with nourishing smoothies and cold-pressed juices. If you need to warm the body more, a steady selection of coffees and specialty teas are on tap.

175 Main Street, Mornington Victoria 3931. Open every day 8.30am to 3.30pm.      

Wombat Café & Store in Dromana

If you want a real vegan treat on the Mornington Peninsula, you have to travel to the back-beach town of Dromana for Wombat Care & Store. This is the Peninsula’s very first all-vegan café so your visit is a must.  Not only does Wombat support local businesses such as Little Rebel Coffee Roastery, they stock a range of cruelty free kitchen supplies and cookbooks. The café also funds the animal sanctuary Plumfield Farm.  Wombat Café & Store cooks up satisfying menu items that are just as generous in size and flavours. If you’re like me and stick to the occasional staple menu item, then their scrambled tofu is a delicious choice (gluten-free toast available, too). If you’re absolutely famished, then the big version with broccolini and hash-browns will please.  A cabinet full to the brim with freshly baked cakes, daily salads and focaccias are all on show, ready to be ordered and gobbled up.

230 Boundary Road, Dromana Victoria 3936. Open every day 8.00am to 4.00pm.

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