Who Needs Vegan Nutella when you can Buy these Five Chocolate Spreads Instead

Nutella has accelerated in popularity since it was created in 1964. Similarly, the vegan lifestyle has grown in popularity and demand. As veganism rises, so too has the demand for vegan versions of favourite foods.

While you may not see a vegan version of Nutella, there are a five major chocolate spreads available here in Australia that can rival it. Sure, there are some key elements in each spread that are expected such as quality taste and smooth texture. Yet, these five vegan chocolate spreads are achieving the right taste and texture.

It just goes to show you can have your vegan chocolate spread and eat it, too.

Local Craft Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread

If you want a vegan hazelnut chocolate spread as close to Nutella as possible, then check out Local Craft. Local Craft Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread is produced by Local Craft, an arm of Shop 225 Pizzeria here in Melbourne. This silky smooth and decadent spread is all-vegan as well as gluten-free and palm oil free.

If you ever get the chance to dine at Shop 225, you can try their dessert Calzone Nutella which is filled with this rich and chocolatey spread and you can buy a jar to take home. There are also dessert pizzas topped with this luscious spread. If you’re not in Melbourne, you can still order Local Craft Hazelnut & Cocoa Spread through Local Craft directly or Spizzico Fine Foods.


Loving Earth Hazelnut Chocolate Butter

Loving Earth is known for its delectable vegan chocolate products that are made from ethically-sourced cacao. Cacao originates from Peru, and the cacao used by Loving Earth is grown by the Ashaninka community that lives in a remote forest area in the Amazon.

Loving Earth’s products are plant-based, certified organic, gluten-free and cane sugar free. Additionally, their chocolate wrappers are home compostable! The butter itself is made from raw hazelnuts with crushed Amazonico Criollo cacao beans and evaporated coconut nectar without compromising on nutty flavour and creamy texture. You can purchase Loving Earth Hazelnut Chocolate Butter direct from the source, as well as Shop Naturally, The Cruelty Free Shop and Wholesome Hub.


Mayver’s Cacao Super Spread

Mayver’s is a small family business that creates natural peanut and almond spread as well as tahini and cacao spread, all made from 100% natural ingredients here in Victoria. All of their products are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and free from palm oil, sugar, preservatives and fats.

For a natural chocolatey option, Mayver’s has created a Cacao Super Spread made from peanuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, cacao powder, chia seeds and sesame seeds. While you can buy Mayver’s Cacao Super Spread from Woolworths, you can also check out the full list of Mayver’s local and international stockists.

Pana Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Pana Organic is another Melbourne success story, founded by Pana Barbounis. He started Pana Organic so he could create rich, luxurious chocolate everyone around the world can enjoy. If you’ve tried Pana Chocolate, you’re familiar with the range’s melt-in-your -mouth quality that can be credited to vegan, refined sugar-free and organic ingredients. Therefore, it was only natural for Pana Organic to create Pana Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.

Pana Organic has released three spreads, and their Hazelnut Chocolate version has a rich and indulgent taste. You can enjoy this spread by drizzling it over ice-cream, pancakes, waffles and more.  Also, you can buy Pana Hazelnut Chocolate Spread direct from Pana Organic online or Coles and Woolworths, or specialty independent grocers such as Flora & Fauna and The Cruelty Free Shop.


Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Crunchy

The vegan world went into meltdown a few years ago when the Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Bar emerged. Vegans were excited and obsessed with buying them, to the point when they sold out in Australia.

This milky chocolate hazelnut bar is made in Germany by Vego Good Food and once it arrived here in Australia, it seduced vegans that were seeking a vegan version of the non-vegan chocolate bars they remember from their childhood. Now, the hype has shifted to Vego’s latest creation called Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Crunchy. It’s all the goodness of the Vego bar in a spreadable version in a jar.

Not only is this spread vegan and decadent, it’s organic and gluten-free. Once you finish the spread, you can clean the jar and use it as a glass afterwards. The best places to find Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread Crunchy is at Flora & Fauna and The Cruelty Free Shop.


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