Cooking in Iso: A Lockdown Library of Vegan Cookbooks

It’s Plastic Free July and we’re in a middle of a pandemic lockdown. So, you can’t enjoy your favourite restaurants and you can’t bear to order another bundle of takeaway in throwaway containers. If this is the case, then invest in a lockdown library of some of the best vegan cookbooks going around. Not only will you be supporting local businesses when you buy your fresh ingredients, you’ll be spreading the vegan iso love in every meal you make from scratch. Plus, you’ll cook your way around the world without leaving home!

Here’s a selection of cookbooks to buy online to get you started. You can get hard copies or e-book versions. Alternatively, you might be able to borrow some of these vegan cookbooks from your local library.

350 Best Vegan Recipes by Deb Roussou

This is an all-encompassing vegan cookbook that offers a huge number of recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and appetisers. In addition to these main meals, you can find recipes for sauces, condiments and more. This is the perfect cookbook for a newbie vegan because it talks you through how to stock your vegan pantry and which helpful kitchen tools and equipment you’ll need. There’s even a chapter called ‘vegan from scratch’.  You can find a copy on Amazon.

Bake Vegan Stuff Volume 1 by Sara Kidd

Baking Queen Sara Kidd released her petite vegan baking cookbook not too long ago which has an emphasis on easy baking. This is the perfect vegan baking cookbook if you have to whizz something up for a birthday, or if you just want to make something sweet to binge on during your time in isolation. This is also the perfect vegan baking cookbook for kids who are crawling at the walls during their time being indoors. Try recipes for cupcakes, muffins, no-bake treats and gluten-free options. Get your copy via Sara Kidd’s online shop.

Discovering Vegan Italian by Nadia Fragnito

Vegan Italian home cook Nadia Fragnito shows you how to veganise favourite Italian dishes such as ricotta cheese, spaghetti carbonara, polpette, walnut ragu lasagne, tiramisu and other recipes that traditionally feature dairy, eggs, meat and seafood. She uses simple techniques and a variety of plant-based ingredients. Check out Booktopia to purchase a copy, or Nadia’s website.

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan) by Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse

Shannon Martinez is one, of not the, most prolific vegan chef in Australia. She runs the popular Smith & Daughters restaurant here in Melbourne as well as Smith & Deli. Due to demand, Shannon and her ex-business partner Mo Wyse created a vegan cookbook that’s brimming with unconventional vegan recipes. With this vegan cookbook, you’ll be able to create big plates, small plates, salads, sweets, dressings and drinks. Check out the Smith & Daughters online shop to grab one or you can head to Dymocks.

The Seitanic Spellbook: Recipes And Rantings Of The Vegan Black Metal Chef by Brian Manowitz

If you like a bit of metal music with your vegan cooking, then you have to experience the Vegan Black Metal Chef. He is known as Brian Manowitz, a cook, YouTuber and musician who creates YouTube cooking recipes and videos as black metal music sing his recipes. Brian is also known to cook with seitan, a wheat gluten meat substitute for vegans. Seitan has since been the inspiration for Brian’s vegan cookbook and the description says it all: “Doable veganism of the highest calibre shall be yours for a mere pauper’s wage and moments of time.” Find your copy on Amazon.

Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romero

Are you missing your travel? Are you itching to get out of the country but you’re stuck indoors during isolation? Then, live out your vegan food travel dreams with Vegan Easts World. Terry Hope Romero is an award-winning chef who has created over 300 recipes spanning salads, sauces, dumplings, quick meals and desserts from around the world. Terry has also included allergy-friendly options and recipes that won’t cost you too much to make. Vegan Eats World is the ultimate culinary world tour that can be purchased through Amazon. Much cheaper than an international flight!

If you prefer to find something to cook online, you should check out the following vegan websites that have a plethora of vegan recipes:

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