The February Edition of The Vegan View

It’s appropriate to publish February’s edition of The Vegan View a little earlier this month, because this week marks the Lunar New Year. Let’s veganise the Lunar New Year celebrations to ring in the Year of the Ox, and discover where the mainstream media is tapping into the power of travelling vegan in other parts of the world.

The Lunar New Year Dishes that Bring Good Fortune

According to SBS, the best dishes to consume during the Lunar New Year are spring rolls, dumplings, prosperity salad (or yee sang) and boiled chicken (I’m sorry for the non-vegan reference). You can scrap the non-vegan options and head to the best vegan places in Melbourne for a Lunar New Year vegan meal instead. One location on the list – Gong de Lin – is one of my favourites here in Melbourne, especially because of the extensive range of mock meat dishes on offer. Another place that’s not on the list, Chanhouse in Doncaster East, prepares a gorgeous vegan yee sang to share with friends and family.

Yes, You Can Make Authentic Vegan Red Chili Satay

This article at Peaceful Dumpling reminded me of my travels through Indonesia, the home of tempeh. Indonesians know how to prepare incredibly tasty tempeh – and tofu – and I devoured my fair share from Bali to Sumatra and East Java.

Vegan Tourism is Now ‘Travel’s Greener Shoot’

I was surprised to find this article on Skift that discusses vegan tourism as the next big thing. The article also mentioned that vegan and travel, once upon a time, would’ve been an oxymoron. As much as I agree, I’ve been travelling vegan easily since late 2012. Now, vegan tourism companies are catching on. Responsible Travel revealed in the article that bookings for their “vegan holidays have more than doubled in recent years”.

Melbourne is the Fourth Most Underrated Foodie Destination

Oh, dear. Imagine my distain when I read this article by Chef’s Pencil recently. This quote perplexed me, too: “There are plenty of incredible foodie destinations that just don’t get the exposure they truly deserve”. However, I do agree with the article in the sense that my beloved city is a melting pot of multicultural cuisine and the article gives a nod to the city’s laneway street culture. Still, the article could’ve tapped into Melbourne’s thriving vegan food scene.

Speaking of Melbourne, Hooray for Gluten-Free Challah!

Broadsheet shared this little secret located in Elsternwick. 4me Gluten Free is a tiny bakery that’s baking gluten-free and coeliac-friendly Israeli baked sweets and treats as well as bagels, babka and challah. There are plenty of vegan options, too; this is a small fact that you’ll only find if you read the by-line. The vegan gems are obviously in the detail!

And, What about the Rest of Australia?

The Brag has been increasing its vegan-related content of late, so much so that they’re now putting together vegan guides. Recently, The Brag showcased vegan food travel tips for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. So, is this a sign that the days of filtering for vegan content may be over for younger vegan generations? Let’s hope so!

Matador Network Celebrates Israel’s Vegan Dishes

Alas, I have not yet travelled to Israel but I have heard good vegan things about this Mediterranean destination. Thankfully, Matador Network shared some inspiration for travelling vegans. It’s also good to know that over 5% of residents are vegan. Vegan travellers can rest easy knowing this is yet another vegan-friendly destination.

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