Sustainability Looks Sexy on Melbourne. Here’s How.

Just when we thought Melbourne couldn’t get any sexier, abillion decides to drop an article. In it, Melbourne is rated fourth in the world that is ‘leading the charge in sustainability’. Veganism also plays a huge part in sustainability and is the best diet to observe if you want to reduce your impact on the environment.

So, how did Melbourne become sexy in the first place?

For years, Melbourne has had the reputation of being one of the world’s live music capitals. This unassuming south-eastern city is Australia’s second largest, with a high live music venue to person ratio.

Much of my 20s were spent at many of Melbourne’s live music venues. My genres of choice were metal, hardcore and punk rock and many of the bands featured vegetarian and vegan musos. Many of those early shows featured merch stands that were also laden with animal rights stickers and t-shirts. There were even music festivals where bands wouldn’t play unless there was at least one food stand serving all-vegan food.

Therefore, Melbourne has a grassroots vibe when it comes to veganism. It was easy to get exposed to veganism if you were going to these live shows. You learned about it, it became front of mind and – eventually – it sank in as the lifestyle of choice.

Melbourne has been home to the vegan-conscious foodie for years…

For years, Melbourne has been a destination for vegan travel but many might’ve not known that until recent years. Only a few years ago, Melbourne was voted as the third most vegan-friendly city in the world.

When it comes to Melbourne, vegan food is aplenty. From inner city vegan hubs like Fitzroy to vegan-friendly establishments in the city suburban fringes, you can get a vegan meal just about anywhere here. Just have a look at the robust list of venues in Melbourne here. Even places like Friends of the Earth Food Co-op and Café echoes the sustainability ethic by creating organic, vegan meals while reducing food waste.

When it comes to cooking at home, Australia is one of the fastest vegan markets in the world so it’s easy to shop vegan in Melbourne. Even abillion can testify to this: their users in Melbourne are the “third most likely to purchase ready-to-eat products”.

Melbourne is becoming more sustainable by the year…

Melbourne is located in the south-eastern state of Victoria, and strives to meet a net zero emissions reduction target by 2050. While the city grows in population, Victoria’s commitment to net zero is evident in its approach to public transport (the most sustainable way to travel). Cars are banned from a lot of the inner grid of Melbourne central business district and you can easily catch a train bus or tram just about anywhere.

Even local government areas in Melbourne are microcosms of a larger sustainability vision for Melbourne. Case in point is the City of Moonee Valley, a finalist in the global Sustainable Environment category for the 2019 Wellbeing City Award.

Another way that Melbourne is becoming more sustainable is by hosting Dine on a Lime. They offer shared, affordable, and carbon-free transport. Dine on a Lime deploys electric bikes, scooters, and mopeds for those shorter trips. Vehicles can be booked through the TheFork at the same time as booking a café or restaurant.

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