The March Edition of The Vegan View

March is on fire with vegan content from the mainstream for The Vegan View this month. So, does that mean vegan news is taking its well-earned place in everyday media? I think so. Let’s have a look at the best that March has to offer.

Broadsheet busts out news of a vegan-friendly newbie in Melbourne

Aussies love a good sanga (i.e. sandwich) and there’s no excuse for vegans to miss out. Enter Token Toasties in Fitzroy. This sounds like my kinda sanga shop – rock ‘n roll merchandise plastered on walls and sandwich names that are inspired by famous lyrics. There’s a whole separate menu dedicated to vegan toasties. Check them out when you’re in Fitzroy next.

If you prefer to stay in, then take a peek at Broadsheet’s recipe for a pasta dish by Gordon Ramsay which is easily veganisable. Or, there’s Stephanie Alexander’s “quintessential summer salad” which can also be veganised. But I guess if you’re an old-school vegan you’d be sick to death of pasta and salads by now. Maybe check out Token Toasties instead.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival launched this week

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival launched in Melbourne this week with its customary World’s Longest Lunch. I heard in mainstream reports that ants were used in one dish; I guess as a nod to a theme of eating more sustainably. But we already know that eating more sustainably (and with more kindness) means only eating plants.

If you’re disturbed as I am about the ants approach, then I suggest you check out the festival’s Welcome to the Jungle event tomorrow. It features Melbourne’s queen of plants Shannon Martinez. In her words, “it’s not about deprivation” so no ants included – nor the rest of the animal kingdom – thankfully.

On a side note, if you want to learn about how Shannon’s new Smith & Daughters is fairing then you can read the latest review over at Delicious. Four stars!

Livin’ on the veg with SBS Food

Yes, there seems to be a bit of a music theme here this month and I love it. Music was one of my first introductions into veganism when I was seeing live punk, metal and hardcore bands play in the late 1990’s and early to mid-2000’s. It was also common for animal advocacy groups to conduct outreach at some of these shows, alongside vegan bands selling their merchandise.

Fast-forward to 2022, and SBS Food has a whole section in their regular newsletter titled Living on the Veg. This complements their TV series from not too long ago. You’ll find stacks of recipes there, many that can be veganised.  You also need check out SBS Food’s article about the healthiness of plant-based seafood. SBS interviewed Mike McNally, president of Vegan NSW, as part of the piece.

Make your next Taco Tuesday vegan

Tacos are synonymous with meat, yet there are meatier alternatives like mushrooms and beans. I remember a TV advertisement from the 1990’s here in Australia when the mushroom industry was promoting how good mushrooms were. I still remember the host saying: “meat for vegetarians!”

We all now know the power of mushrooms and The Daily Good shows you how to make your next Taco Tuesday vegan with a bit of mushroom muscle.

While you’re at it, turn every night vegan

The Daily Good kept dishing up the mushrooms this month which means every night can be vegan night. Just turn to their next recipe Enoki Mushrooms with Garlic & Scallion Sauce.

Or, why not spice up your weeknights with Tofu Steaks with Charred Jalapeño and Smoky Paprika Dressing from Mindfood?

If you need a dessert or something sweet for any time of the day, then bake a classic vegan sponge cake from the vegan recipe developer Sara Kidd. Frankie Magazine sure knows where to find the best sweet treats and casually throws an occasional vegan recipe in to their regular newsletter.

To end the month on another sweet note from Fodor’s Travel…

It warmed my heart to read this travel story in Fodor’s Travel this month. One writer talks about her “chance encounter with a stray dog” in the Dominican Republic. This chance encounter led her to rescuing and adopting the dog before travelling back to the U.S. Lisa Davis tells her heartfelt story of how she adopted Blanca and the journey involved in returning to the U.S with a stray dog. There really is hope for all strays out there.

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