The April Edition of The Vegan View

Earth Day is today, April 22. The day offers all of us a chance to consider protecting our planet and the ways we can do this at an individual level. It is becoming increasingly clear that one of the most effective ways to do this is to adopt a vegan diet.

We can all make a difference at an individual level, even during those times when we feel our solo actions doesn’t make a difference. I’m here to tell you that your individual actions do make a difference. This month’s edition of The Vegan View can reassure you.

The City of Melbourne knows where you can find good vegan food…

I have to admit, living in the third most vegan-friendly city in the world is a privilege. Luckily, some of the city’s local government areas are recognising this. For example, the City of Melbourne has recently released an ‘ultimate’ go-to vegan guide for Melbourne’s central business district. If you live in an area where there are hidden vegan gems, can you put a guide together and share it with your friends? It’s easy to do.

SBS Food and Mindfood are embracing the power of plants

I received SBS Food’s email newsletter earlier this month and I was excited to say the least. It contained three recipes – one vegan, one vegetarian and one meat-based.

The first recipe was Cauliflower Hot Wings and all ingredients are vegan. The second recipe – the vegetarian one – can easily be veganised by replacing eggs with tofu and a little black salt. So, what about the third recipe? The meat ingredient can be replaced by a plant-based meat substitute. There are choices now, and the choice is to prioritise plant-based ingredients over animal-based ones.

Mindfood is another great source of vegan recipes, like this Pigeon Pea Dal with crunchy cumin lentils.

So, what about more meat-free options?

For some, the thought of going vegan can be daunting. However, Women’s Health offers advice on how to do it (gradually, if needed) and provides some helpful tips. Overall, going vegan can be a fun experience and you can do it at your own pace. Plus, you’re helping to boost the health of the planet.

When you do decide to go vegan, you’ll find that your choices when you dine out may diminish a little. I’m familiar with the pasta or salad options at some establishments where little to no imagination is put into vegan options. Luckily, pasta is one of my favourite meals and you can get a number of vegan-friendly pasta dishes. If you want to make some at home you can try any from this list by Gourmet Traveller. You’ll find 36 recipes but just make sure you substitute any non-vegan ingredients with vegan alternatives.

Childhood classics are also vegan vegan-friendly

Oreos are an American childhood favourite for many. Australians have embraced Oreos, especially vegan Australians (yes, Oreos are automatically vegan!). Because of my Coeliac Disease, I haven’t been able to enjoy an Oreo in recent years but I loved this recipe in The Daily Good this month. The recipe is for homemade vegan GF Oreo cookies courtesy of The Banana Diaries. I dare you to make a batch and make them last!

Travel the vegan road when you’re abroad…

Earlier this month, Traveller released the world’s 11 greatest spreadable foods. Luckily, there are a few on the list that are either automatically vegan or you can source veganised versions depending on where you travel. Hummus is one of my favourites, along with a veganised version of mutabal, cream cheese and Indian chutneys. Another favourite on the list is the hotly debated Aussie staple – vegemite. Yes, it’s automatically vegan and you can get a GF version.

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