4 Ways to be of Service to Others in your Vegan Travels

A rewarding part of travelling the vegan road is that you have the ability to help others, to be of service to others. Just by choosing a vegan lifestyle, you are already helping to save non-human many lives. However, what else can be done to be of vegan service to others? There are a number of ways you can serve others for their benefit. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Donate to a local Food is Free pantry

There are people living in your community who may be living from week to week. Some people may not even know where their next meal is coming from. So how can you help them to thrive and survive?

At a local level, you can donate to your local Food Is Free pantry. Go to the supermarket and buy non-perishable vegan food supplies and toiletries then donate these to the pantry. Your donations will ensure someone – or a family – can make a healthy and hearty meal or get the supplies they need.

If you research your local Food Is Free pantry first, then find out if there’s a fridge or freezer. You can then donate vegan meals or fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’re in Melbourne, check out the list of drop-off points here.

Volunteer at a local farmed animal sanctuary

There are a wide number of farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia, all operated from a vegan perspective. These sanctuaries can’t do what they do without the generosity of people either donating money or offering their time to help out.

Have a look at this comprehensive list at the Vegan Australia website and find out if one in your area needs help. You may be able to offer a couple of hours of your time to volunteer. Contact the sanctuary first to see if help is required. If not, then you can pop yourself on a waiting list or make a donation.

Start a fundraiser for your favourite vegan cause

If you are unable to volunteer or donate to a charity or sanctuary, then why not start your own fundraiser?

Birthdays are a perfect time to start a fundraiser. Instead of presents, ask your friends and donate to a vegan cause that’s close to your heart. Fundraisers are easy to set up on Facebook. Just head to the Fundraisers section of your account; a link can be found in the left control panel in your account once you log in.

If you want to walk or run for a cause, then create a fundraising page or start a crowd-funding campaign at websites like Chuffed or Go Fund Me.

Book your next meal out at an all-vegan restaurant

The rise of veganism and vegan businesses now is staggering. Vegan businesses are popping up at an unprecedented rate and they all need your support. Do you have a family celebration coming up? Make a booking at an all-vegan restaurant or café you haven’t visited before and give them your patronage.  If you need some inspiration within Australia, head to my Aussie Vegan Directory, or use tools like Happy Cow or Veats.

If you’re in Melbourne, you may be entitled to 25% off your bill. Currently, you can claim back 25% of your bill for dining through the Victorian Dining Program. You just need to spend a minimum of $40. The rebate is capped at $125. To learn more, visit the Victorian Dining Program website.

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