The August Edition of The Vegan View

There’s nothing better to start this month’s edition of The Vegan View than with the news of a brand new coeliac-friendly bakery. Though, the month has been packed with more vegan news in the mainstream that it’s hard not to feel good.

Let’s dive into some of the ripest and juiciest news that caught my eye this month. I hope it satisfies your vegan appetite, too.

Yes, there’s a new coeliac-friendly bakery in Melbourne!

I read the news about Kudo in Broadsheet this week. The article excited me for two reasons. One, they’re entirely gluten-free and coeliac-friendly. Two, they’re a quick walk from my work!

I visited early yesterday morning, and discovered that their freshly baked breads are vegan, too. They also bake sweet treats but there are no vegan options on those. However, you can get hot drinks here and soy milk is available. Let’s hope they look into creating some vegan GF options soon!

If you do visit, make sure you arrive early to get your bread. They were close to sold out yesterday when I arrived at 8.30am.

Can vegans save the planet?

There is increasing talk in the media cycle about how diet affects the health of our planet. There is also mounting evidence to suggest that a vegan diet is the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions.

There was a recent article over at Mindfood about various diets and how each one is best suited to help our planet. It all comes down to saving carbon dioxide, and the article suggests that the vegan diet can save the most. The article declares the “ideal global diet” is an “ultra-flexitarian” one but vegan works best for me.

Potatoes and cashews are the perfect match

Potatoes and cashews are two of my favourite foods. So, I was quite excited to see a vegan potato gratin recipe featuring miso cashew cream.

My parents made potato gratin constantly during my childhood, so to see a vegan version sings to my heart. A big thank you goes to the ABC for sharing the recipe.

Eat.Live.Escape with this Curry Recipe

Not only do I love a great travel website, I love a website that publishes recipes to remind us of travels past. This lovely Green Vegetable Curry recipe over at Eat.Live.Escape is all-vegan and reminded me of my travels through South-East Asia.

The recipe was supplied by Tom Walton who is a chef from Bondi in Sydney. He focuses on family friendly and plant-based delicious recipes.

Note the recipe does use oat milk so if you’re a coeliac vegan like me you’ll need to use alternative plant milk.

Then back it up with a veganised sticky pudding

Shannon Martinez. Need I say more? Broadsheet doesn’t shy away from vegan goodness and the latest case in point is a recipe for Sticky Fig Pudding.

The Smith & Daughters queen offers this recipe which is claimed to be a “total crowd please”. You still have one more week of winter here in the Southern Hemisphere so be sure to cook up this warming wonder. The recipe does call for butter and cream cheese so make sure you use vegan equivalents to make the recipe completely vegan.

Also, just make sure you can eat when you do travel

My heart sank this month when I heard the news of a vegan traveller’s dilemma on a long-haul flight. A vegan traveller who flew 10 hours on Air Canada only received a bottle of water and a napkin for her meal.

Flight attendants were quick to rustle up some fruit and bread rolls from business class, but this misses the point. Air travel should be more inclusive, more thorough and more compassioned when it comes to serving their guests.

Vegan travellers do everything they can to book their vegan meals with airlines well in advance. Airlines should return the favour and ensure enough food is available for their travellers. This is 2022, not 1982.

If you do need a travel snack, check out these MYO crackers

MYO and BYO snacks with this quick and convenient recipe for Veggie Scrap Crackers! This is a brilliant little recipe from SBS that is easy to make and uses any veggie scraps you have spare.

I like the idea of these, but I don’t like the idea of cooking them overnight. If you have a dehydrator, you’ll be at an advantage.

Travel to one of TIME magazine’s greatest places in the world here in Australia

Recently, TIME Magazine decided to release its own curated list of the greatest places in the world. One place in Australia made the cut — Fremantle. The news broke via The Brag.

I lived in Perth, Western Australia during my childhood. Back then, Fremantle was this back-water part of the city that was more known for being a docking area and shipping destination. Now, Fremantle is a thriving and trendy part of town on the beach. While I love it when I read about Aussie spots making these lists, I instantly think about the vegan spots in that place.

If you happen to make it to Fremantle, then HappyCow suggests these spots:

  • The Vegan Fox (all-vegan)
  • Moore & Moore Café (vegan options)
  • Bar Orient (vegan options)
  • Chalkys Espresso Bar (vegan options)
  • Hush Specialty Coffee (vegan options)
  • Little Creatures (vegan options)
Yet another fast-food giant brings a plant-based option

In Australia, KFC has released a limited edition meat-free alternative to their Wicked Popcorn, complete with Lime Ranch dipping sauce. Again, The Brag reported on the release.

Just like the McPlant burger and Maccas last month, you’ll need to do your research on how this snack is prepared. Is it fried with other non-vegan products? Is the snack entirely vegan? Who knows, especially when the terms ‘meat-free’ and plant-based’ are used. Research is your best tool here before you dive in.

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