Where to Buy your Vegan Travel Bags in Australia

Now that you’re getting ready to travel again, you’ll need a vegan travel bag to go with you on your journey. In Australia, you’ll find a swagger of online and in-store locations where you can find vegan travel bags to suit your travel style.

Here’s a list of spots to help you make the best – and most ethical — purchase.

Independent Makers

Vegan Style

If you’re in Melbourne, head to Vegan Style for their handmade cruelty-free and vegan travel bags. The range of unisex bags, backpacks and wallets will suit you travel needs. Bespoke bags will also go perfectly with the many shoe styles you’ll find here, too. Vegan Style updates their range seasonally, so be sure to find a vegan bag that matches the timing of the year.

If you’re not in Melbourne and can’t get to Vegan Style’s bricks and mortar store, you can shop online via their website.


Chuchka’s luxe range of vegan bags is all PETA Vegan Approved. A number of vegan-friendly materials are used to make Chuchka’s bags including vegan faux leather and velvet. Recycled plastics, woven straw and neoprene are also used.

Find a number of styles and levels of luxury across handbags, beltbags and totes.

LOM Australia

Another all-vegan maker that is producing a premier range is LOM Australia. LOM specialises in using cactus and apple leathers to make crossbody bags, clutches and beltbags. LOM makes its products with fashion, function and future in mind. With every bag purchased LOM plants a tree in an area of Australia where it’s most needed.

Check out the online store for LOM’s small and thoughtful ranges.

Kyra + Kenja

Innovation, functionality and sustainability are what drive Kyra + Kenja’s business. Kyra + Kenja are also inspired by the globetrotting lifestyle, so you’ll products that are stylish and functional.

Bags are made using ethical and sustainable products that are PETA Approved, and simple, eco-friendly fashion is Kyra + Kenja’s focus. Find a number of crossbody bags, totes, bucket bags and ‘plus-sized’ bags. You’ll also find cardholders and a funky range of sunglasses.

Online Retailers


Velvety is an all-vegan online store that stocks some of the funkiest vegan brands around. All their bags are 100% vegan, fair-trade and made using sustainable practices.

Head to their vegan bags section to choose a vegan travel bag that matches your personal travel style. Brands like By The Sea, Luna + Sun or Tree Tribe are perfect for over-the-shoulder bags.  Need a backpack? Have a look at Beekeeper Parade’s colourful designs or Ecowings for something more subtle.

Flora & Fauna

Another of Australia’s best vegan online stores, Flora & Fauna, aims to be kind to the planet, its people and animals. This goes for their vegan travel bags range. If you’re looking for something that’s sleek, then check out Flora & Fauna’s extensive Matt & Nat range. There are a number of vegan cross-body bags, wallets and satchel bags to choose from.

For something a little more relaxed and casual, check out the backpacks by Onya or Fearsome Wilderness. You can also find slingbags by Urban Originals here, too. Check out the clutchbags, toiletry bags and beauty cases if you need something more specific.

Etsy Australia

If you want a vegan travel bag that is made on a smaller scale, then check out Etsy Australia’s range of vegan travel bags. Local makers are doing amazing things in the vegan travel space here, using materials from vegan leathers to cork and hemp. Find a variety of vegan travel bags on Etsy from duffle bags, to crossbags, wallets, toiletry bags, backpacks and weekender bags. You’ll find a number of styles here for any type of vegan travel.

Tosca Travelgoods

Tosca Travelgoods is Australia’s own luggage and travelgoods brand. While this company is not entirely vegan, they have a good selection of vegan leather bags from duffle bags, briefcases, toiletry bags, beltbags and crossbags.

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