The February Edition of The Vegan View

There is a feeling in the air that veganism is becoming more mainstream. Businesses are becoming more accepting of people who are vegan and are catering for them accordingly. However, there is still plenty of work to do and time needed to do it.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate those who are turning to veganism as a golden opportunity. In this edition of The Vegan View, we can also see where those are looking for others to take a chance in their work.

Potato milk is now a thing

SBS recently covered the ongoing saga of milk versus mylk. Vegans have known all along about the benefits of plant-based milks and have been drinking them for a long while. In 2023 we’re seeing loads of options. The other day I was even asked what brand of soy I wanted in my latte.

In the SBS article, there was the exciting news that milk is now being made from potatoes. Potato milk was launched in Sweden and “mimics mouth-feel and temperature resistance”.

The mimicking doesn’t end there. Next, it’s seafood…

Smart Company gave a telling read about the current meat industry. Seafood is now giving small businesses new ideas and paving the way for exciting technologies.

Just have a read about this Aussie start-up called Boldly Foods (love the name!). The company is making 100% vegan seafood includes calamari, salmon and tuna sashimi, shrimp, crab sticks, and white fish fillets. Boldly is aiming for global dominance. It’s a great read and a timely topic given then state our planet is in.

If you love your Bonsoy, snare a Bonsoy bag!

Cafes are using old plant milk cartons as coffee cup holders. Now, the clever people at Into Carry are upcycling and making bags out of them.

The bags are stylish, but their presence is also solving a waste problem when it comes to milk cartons. They are a little pricey in my view, but they do look street ready and handy.

This reminded me of another initiative hotels are taking in Thailand’s southern province of Krabi. Local artisans are upcycling waste, washed up on beaches, into cute tote bags to give to hotel guests as part of a welcome kit. You can read about it here.

Corn is also a great source of material for shoe-making. Just ask Vegan Style…

Vegan Style has discovered a way to create vegan leather out of corn husks. The end product is durable, breathable, lightweight and vegan.

How do they do it? “Corn leather is produced from the non-edible parts of corn and is combined with vegetable oils and some PU to create a soft and supple material.”

Be sure to ask about corn leather the next time you’re at Vegan Style.

Need a tip for vegan street tacos in Mexico City?

Matador Network is one of my favourite travel reads. I became excited when I came across this article recently. I’ve never been to Mexico, and it’s on the list. I think I might have to make that trip happen soon!

Take a read about Luis Rodríguez, the founder of one of Mexico City’s first vegan taco stands. It’s another indication that demand for proteins made from plants are now on a rapid rise.

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