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Helpful tips for travelling the vegan road

The November Edition of The Vegan View

My dad was a chef in the Navy which means he travelled a lot. During his ...
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World Vegan Day with The Vegan Italian Kitchen: Q+A with Nadia Fragnito

Nadia Fragnito of The Vegan Italian Kitchen brings a joy and zest to vegan Italian cooking ...
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The October Edition of The Vegan View

I get excited in October because it means we’re only one month away from World Vegan ...
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My Top 7 Vegan Festival Tips for an Epic Experience

It’s getting to that time of year. The weather is getting warm, the sun is shining, ...
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The September Edition of The Vegan View

September is birthday month for me. But who’s to say that eating cake is only restricted ...
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10 of Melbourne’s Vegan-Friendly Hairdressers

Melbourne really is the place to eat, play and live if you’re vegan in Australia. The ...
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Crush on these Vegan-Friendly Cafes in Croydon

Melbourne’s outer east has its own decent selection of vegan food at vegan-friendly cafes. If you ...
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The August Edition of The Vegan View

From vegan food destinations to cooking at home and finding eco-conscious stays, there’s lots on offer ...
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Vegan Birthday Ideas if you’re in Melbourne

Is there a special vegan in your life and you just don’t know what to get ...
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