"Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost, Poet


Blog Chicks

Blog Chicks is a community where Australian female bloggers can connect, share experiences and encourage one another to create amazing blogging work. The directory features over 3,000 blogs - including Fire & Tea!

While Blog Chicks is not necessarily a client of Fire & Tea, they do wonderful things for the blogging community and they deserve a shout-out on this page.


Black Ant Films

Alana Thompson of Black Ant Films is a Melbourne-based, award-winning cinematographer, DOP and editor. Alana thrives in producing creative and thought-provoking documentary content.

I am honoured to be Producer's Assistant for an upcoming vegan documentary that Black Ant Films is creating. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this documentary and when it will be brought to cinemas around the country and beyond!


Caliber Interactive

Integrated SEO, content and social marketing agency Caliber Interactive combines smart insight, creativity and technical expertise for its clients. One such client, First Choice, turned to Caliber Interactive for their online strategy who in tun asked me to assist. I was delighted, and I put together a great little travel wishlist for Spain as part of that campaign.



Before my days as a traveller started to flourish, I was flourishing as a music writer and Victorian state editor for Australia's online music magazine FasterLouder. As part of my music writing duties, I wrote music news articles, live reviews and interview local and international bands. Sitting in the state editor chair, I was managing a team of freelance writers and photographers to get them to shows for review and 'shoot', tee up interviews with writers, and proof-read, edit and publish text to an online platform

A personal achievement for me during this time was the ability to publish over 700 of my own articles for FasterLouder as a freelance music writer. During this same time, I was also freelance writing for two more Melbourne music publications - Beat Magazine and The Buzz Magazine.


Greymatta Recruitment

GreyMatta Recruitment believes that success comes when preparation meets opportunity. Their aim is to provide candidates for potential clients that can "step up", fit in effortlessly into a company and improve a company in a specific role. 

In any case, a constant, busy working life means candidates need to be performing at their best. One way in which candidates can do this is to take care of themselves, whether through diet, exercise and a little R&R.

I was very excited when GreyMatta Recruitment chose to feature my post Travel Your World to Keep Your Health in Check; my tips on how candidates can keep healthy through travel.   

jumpp is a brand new source for everything travel. It's a social network and travel guide all rolled into one, connecting users to travel and providing lots of inspiration for travellers to experience destinations like locals. 

I’m honoured to be part of the contributing writer team for and I'll be filing travel stories on a regular basis such as my latest one that explores the art of Kathakali performance.



Menulog is Australia's number one for online takeaway in Australia. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from on those nights when cooking is just out of the question. With regular specials and discounts, along with easy to use navigation, Menulog is a great site for ordering food when the tummy starts to rumble.

Recently, Menulog was kind enough to consider me for a partnership blog post. I had loads of fun celebrating winter solstice at the Belgrave Lantern Parade then enjoying a sumptuous Chinese meal afterwards


Lonely Planet

A beat-up old car, a few dollars in the pocket, and a sense of adventure. Lonely Planet founders Tony and Maureen Wheeler didn't need much in order to set their trip of a lifetime into motion. 

The world's most successful travel publisher, printing over 120 million books in eleven different languages. One said book, only just released, is The Best Things in Life are Free.

It was loads of fun to review this book for Lonely Planet and I hope you enjoy my review as much as I did reviewing it over a quintessential Melbourne coffee.


Onya Magazine

If you need a destination to find out about all things Australia, then Onya Magazine is where you can travel to. From issues affecting Australians to celebrating Australian culture, arts, food and lifestyle, Onya Magazine has the great southern land covered.

You'll now be able to find some of my travel tips from my Australian-based adventures, such as exploring the weekend getaway of Beaufort in my home state of Victoria


Places We Go

The Australian television series Places We Go was born out of a passion for travel. Co-founders Jennifer Adams and Daniel Macpherson were working on travel assignments for major Australian television stations before they decided to quit their ties and start their Places We Go dream. 

It's wonderful that Places We Go and I share that same passion for travel. I applied to be a part of their blogging team and I accepted their offer with a resounding "Yes!". I will be posting links to my guest posts for Places We Go, such as top things to do in the Kimberley in northern Western Australia and my special walk with Sumatran Orangutans in Northern Sumatra.  



RedBalloon is all about providing unique and unforgettable experiences through gift-giving. There is a tremendous spread of experiences people can choose from, for that special gift. There are romantic dinners, massages, hot-air ballooning, race-car driving....the list goes on!     

RedBalloon invited me to road-test one of their fabulous experiences recently - their creative vegetarian cooking class. You can read about my experience on my blog!


Red Mud Media

Red Mud Media is a digital consultancy company who work with big multinational corporations and small businesses that are taking their first steps into the world of digital marketing.

I was honoured when asked by Red Mud Media to write a post on responsible tourism. This was part of Red Mud Media's digital marketing plan for their Aussie client Travel Indochina.     

Red Mud Media also invited me to write a post on helpful travel photography hints for PhotoBox too! 


Search Factory

Travel is all about pushing boundaries and travel isn't travel without the presence of risk takers and dream makers. Enter Search Factory.

I rose to the not-so-challenge when Search Factory asked me to write a post about tour-style travel in Europe. I've had my fair share of tour-travel so I was really thrilled to provide my tips on tour travel for Search Factory's travel client Albatross Tours


Switched On Media

There's always a flurry of excitement when I'm approached to write about travel. Switched On Media is a leading digital marketing agency in Sydney who offer real value for their clients and needed my support on a few blogging assignments.

I've been fortunate to blog about a few road-tripping topics of late for some of Switched On Media's clients, such as FordLand RoverJohn Hughes and Southern Cross Travel Insurance.


The Travel Belles

The Travel Belles is an online travel community for like-minded travellers around the world who are always on the look-out for appealing travel information and inspiration.

I've been part of the community since early 2011, and have had articles accepted by The Travel Belles for publication. Now, I've been selected as a regular blogger.

I'll be posting inspiring travel posts, such as Ways to Learn a Language before you Fly and A Vegetarian Foodie Tour of Melbourne.  


Vegan Life Magazine

Vegan Life Magazine is a UK-based vegan lifestyle magazine that aims to "bring vegan into vogue". I thoroughly enjoyed reading this magazine while on a four-day B&B retreat to Beaufort in Victoria this year. Vegan Life encourages bloggers to join their community and get involved through blog posts about magazine articles that resonate with them. 

I was excited when Vegan Life accepted me as part of their community. Each month, I'll be providing my plant-based travel perspective on articles that have resonated with me.   

veri-live magazine

During my time at fasterlouder, I was blessed to work with an amazingly talented Melbourne music photographer and designer. Zo Damage decided to branch out on her own and publish magazine.  Zo self-published and self-funded this bespoke magazine, featuring interviews, live reviews and photography from some of the deepest underground music venues around the country. A bi-monthly rock n roll music journal (including a vinyl with each), featuring the best in Australian and international bands, was an incredible collector's publication.

Part of my role was to assist in sub-editing and proofreading the pages before they went to print. Sadly, closed after only 14 issues, but the sheer gravity of this publication was cemented when Edition 3 was awarded a silver medal for design at the Victorian PICA Awards. 



Webjet is one of Australia's leading online booking agencies, allowing users to search, compare and book cheap flights, accommodation and travel packages. Recently, Webjet invited me to participate in their latest curated blog post: Bloggers Share How They Stay Healthy on Holidays. Naturally, I jumped at the chance!

There are some amazing bloggers who have also contributed to the blog post to share their travel tips and tricks, too. I'm grateful to have been held in this same company, and be able to collaborate with this Australian operated brand. 

A Webjet sponsored post appeared here at Fire & Tea, too: Top 5 Travel Tips to Veganise your Hotel Room


Whileaway Guides

Whileaway Guides is a regional guide publisher that specialises in transforming small escapes into bigger experiences. There is a swag of guides available covering many of Australia's special places, unique experiences and local produce. In each guide, there are hints on places to go, sights to see and restaurants to try. 

I was privileged enough to write a Whileaway guide earlier in 2013 on Geelong and The Bellarine Peninsula and the finished product was featured on Cinnamon Lane as part of the site's Quick Easter Getaways from Melbourne feature. I've also assisted with updates for their established guides including The Yarra Valley and Great Ocean Road.