About Justine

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." – Mark Twain, Writer

                                           Travel is a perfect way to explore the vegan lifestyle and help you take the vegan road

Hi, I’m Justine.

I’m a freelance vegan travel writer and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia.

Fire & Tea is my destination where I can help you find the joy of vegan in your travels.

Fire & Tea is also a map of my personal journey into becoming vegan, especially while on the road, and gradually slipping into the vegan way of life.

Through Fire & Tea, I can help you learn how easy it is to travel vegan. Whether it’s booking an overseas holiday, weekend away, taking a quick walk or eating a delicious, healthy meal.

Travel is a perfect way to explore the vegan lifestyle. By following the vegan path, your travel adventures are only limited by your imagination. 

Do you have a vegan business? My vegan travel writing and blogging skills are available to support your business and there are many ways we can work together. Check out my Media Kit, too.

Join me in my travels so we can share the journey on the vegan road together.











My Love of Travel

Exploring the road less travelled has always piqued my curiosity. Discovering new destinations is what fuels my love of travel. 


My Love of Vegan Food

Vegan food is what fuels my travel adventures around this big, bright world. At the same time, I’m saving animals’ lives and helping to conserve our environment. Vegan food is also amazingly delicious! 

A bit more about me:

My childhood was crammed with long-weekend getaways, school holiday camping trips and rough journeys packed up in the back of a four-wheeled drive. Yet, unlike many Australians, I spent half of my life being pulled from one side of the country to the other. I have lived in three major capital cities, two gold-mining towns and one seaport. You could say I was born to travel…and write about it!

My travels have taken me across Australia, and overseas to CanadaChinaEgypt, Hong Kong, IndiaIndonesiaJapanJordanNepal, New Zealand, SingaporeSyria, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America and Vietnam.

The name Fire & Tea was inspired by my early days of travel during my childhood. Many camping nights were spent tightly wrapped up in a blanket in front of an open fire while sipping endless cups of tea to keep warm. The “fire” represents my burning desire to keep travel in my life and the “tea” represents how my favourite warm brew can also bring us back to nature while bringing people together in an act of friendship while sharing conversation, culture and understanding.     

My freelance travel writing and blogging has appeared in prominent publications both in Australia and overseas. I am qualified with a Bachelor of Science degree specialising in Biology, Psychology and Sociology, a Diploma of Business (Marketing) and a Certificate of Freelance Travel Writing and Photography. I’m also a trained Volunteer English Tutor for AMES Australia that provides settlement services to newly arrived refugees and migrants. I also love meditating, yoga, vegan food, movies and music.

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