Take a Ride on the Northside

I’ve been working on some freelance writing for Chapel Street
Precinct, an online community dedicated to those who reside and run their
businesses in the Chapel Street area.

Chapel Street is not just an internationally-recognised shopping
destination. It’s a thriving community within the inner suburbs of south-east
Melbourne, and I’ve managed to unearth some cool places while listening to
interesting stories from the proprietors. Earlier in the year, I was lucky
enough to go on assignment and check out Northside Wheelers and Shifter Bikes.

Northside Wheelers is a specialist shop that embodies Malachi
Moxon’s passion for cycling. He’s a North Yorkshire-born expat and a semi-professional
rider. From a spacious garage-like shopfront in the heart of South Yarra, Moxon
sells his “fine cycling wares”; a fitting career choice for someone who insists
that “life is better on a bicycle”. The
shopfront displays many of Moxon’s cycling paraphernalia, against
white-washed walls and 1970s English punk rock guitars ringing from speakers

The space fronts custom bicycle studio Shifter Bikes, which
is run by Dan Hale. Only a doorway separates these two businesses and both
independent businesses revolve around a DIY aesthetic. Hale works on builds and
repairs while Moxon sells accessories, such as cycling threads, helmets and
cycling books. Hale, too,
stores an extensive collection of memorabilia.

It’s so easy just to wander in and out of both locations
through their communal doorway, just to marvel at the cycling candy on show. Moxon
did ask if I owned a bike. I said I did, but I don’t use it as much as I
should. Still, he was happy for the fact that I owned one!

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