Checking Out House of Music in Kathmandu

A heavy wooden door is held ajar, announcing a stairwell that’s poorly lit. It feels like I’m scaling the stairs at Ding Dong Lounge back in Melbourne. Rather, it’s House of Music in Thamel, Kathmandu. This is a live music venue and, just like Ding Dong, is dedicated to Nepal’s upcoming musos and underground artists. …

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Rolling Stone: The Covers 1972-2010

‘I stake my hopes in 1972 in large part on the energy, the wisdom and the conscience of young Americans.’ George McGovern spoke with Rolling Stone during his presidential campaign in 1972. His statement, emblazoned across the magazine’s cover (Issue 110, June 8), reeked of McGovern’s yearning to grasp the motivations of America’s disenfranchised in …

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