My Reverse Bucket List

I recently read a great article about creating your own reverse bucket list. The concept is simple – think about all the things you’ve always wanted to do before you die and identify the ones you’ve already achieved.

This article made me think about the things that would appear on my very own reverse bucket list. When I started thinking about these things, it made me realise that I’ve achieved quite a lot in these past 35 years and I’m overwhelmingly grateful for these opportunities.

I decided to focus on my travels so here is my list thus far. There may be more, but these are the stand-outs for sure!

Go to Egypt to see the Great Pyramid of Giza
As a kid, I was spellbound by ancient Egypt. I read so many books on the subject and I would always marvel at the photos of hieroglyphics, statues and the enormity of the pyramids. I didn’t realise how big these pyramids were until I made the journey in 2010. Seeing these impossible structures in the distance from my bus window was a moment I will never forget; a moment that brought tears to my eyes. What an experience!

Go on an aeroplane
I must admit, I achieved this well before I even dreamed of going on an aeroplane. I was about two or three years old at the time and I was heading to Queensland with my parents.

Travel on an overnight train
There’s something magical about train travel to me and I’ve always wanted to take a lengthy journey on a train. I achieved this bucket list item when I travelled from Cairo to Luxor in 2010. Overall, I enjoyed the experience but I didn’t enjoy the fact that some Egyptians like to smoke on trains…

Snorkel on The Great Barrier Reef
I spent a week in Cairns for work back in 2001 and my boss was kind enough to give me a day off to do what I wanted. So, I booked a snorkelling adventure to The Great Barrier Reef. I spent the whole day snorkelling along the reef and swimming among fish and turtles. I didn’t want to get out of the water – such an incredible experience!

Seeing Hong Kong’s city lights at night
My dad used to be in the navy and he always talked about his travels when he was docked in Hong Kong. This destination had beckoned me since; my dad said the city lights at night were beautiful. I ticked this item off while cruising from Shanghai to Singapore in 2011. Such a lovely sight.    

Indulging in a High Tea
When I turned 30, Mr C asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. I said simply: “I’ve always wanted to do high tea. Let’s do high tea?” And so we did. We went to The Langham in Melbourne’s CBD for an afternoon of finger sandwiches, delectable scones and cakes, and a delicious chocolate fountain. Very indulgent indeed!

Checking out the jazz scene in New Orleans   
Bourbon Street in New Orleans is the obvious place to go for jazz and I visited there in 2000. So much jazz and so much fun!

Checking out the blues scene in Chicago
Ditto – in 2000. Chicago reminded me a lot of Melbourne. I felt right at home.

Travel to India
India was another destination that had beckoned me for years and I have no idea why. I just knew that I always wanted to go there. Perhaps I visited India in a previous life? Anyway, I was lucky to go late in 2012. It’s a place that is bewildering and fascinating, loud and chaotic yet beautiful and captivating.

Travel to Nepal
See above. I have no idea why Nepal has beckoned me either. A wonderful country.

See snow for the first time
I was lucky enough to see snow in my home state of Victoria when I was a teenager. We travelled to Victoria’s high country and I saw only a bit. It wasn’t until I was at university that I would return to the snowfields with Mr C. I saw it again in northern America in 2000. So pretty.

Go to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium
Part of me wanted to do this because I wanted to do it for my dad. He used to play when I was little, and he loves the game. I bought him an official baseball as a present for him. He was pretty chuffed.

Travel overseas
Again, the concept of travelling overseas was always on my mind – even when I was a kid. I achieved this dream in 2000 when Mr C and I spent two and half months travelling around America and Canada. We didn’t want to come home!

Walk part of The Great Wall of China
This one was ticked off in 2011. You can read all about it here.

Swim in the Dead Sea
In 2010, I swam in the Dead Sea while travelling through Jordan. It was an unbelievable experience!

Go to America
America was another country that beckoned me from afar and, again, I don’t know why. I got there in the end – in 2000; not long after I graduated from university.

Learn a new language
I had always wanted to learn a new language but I could never make up my mind about which one to study. When I travelled through Syria in 2010, I immediately fell in love with Arabic – the way it sounded, the way it looked when it was written and the majesty of Arabic when written in the calligraphy style. It was love at first sight and sound. When I returned to Australia, I completed two short courses. I’m still studying – on and off – but I need to hit the books this year and achieve my dream of becoming fluent.

See A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne
I loved studying Shakespeare in high school and I yearned to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream acted out on stage under a canopy of twinkling stars in Melbourne. Lucky for me, Mr C brought me tickets as a surprise for New Year’s Eve one year. So delightful to experience!

Visit Alcatraz in San Francisco
Mr C and I took the ferry ride to this spooky place in 2000. The history was incredible and the place, as a whole, was fascinating. I have no idea how those famed escapees managed to make it out at all!

What would be some of your reverse bucket list items?

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