Spending a Weekend Going Solo

I was home alone over the weekend while my husband took a trip to the Gold Coast to see his football team play interstate. It was my job to stay home and keep our cat company and fed. It also meant my weekend exploring was restricted to the city limits. I managed to cram a few new experiences in and explore my city more. It was also my chance to break the repetition I can sometimes fall into.


I met a good friend for coffee at a café we don’t usually go to…
Daily life can get a little monotonous sometimes, and we run the risk of falling into the trap of going to the same places and ordering the same thing without even realising. When my friend messaged me and said to catch up, I instantly assumed our usual destination – Oasis Bakery. But no. She suggested we head for Café Del Mar. It was a lovely deviation from the norm, plus I only had to drive an extra kilometre or so to experience a new place with great coffee.

My yummy dessert at Sister of Soul - chocolate and beetroot cake with a fruity sorbet and praline.
My yummy dessert at Sister of Soul – chocolate and beetroot cake with a fruity sorbet and praline.

>I dined at a restaurant on my own…
I’ve been keen to try Sister of Soul in St Kilda for dinner for a while now and the weekend gave me a window of opportunity. The idea of dining on my own did bring about a sense of uncertainty. What would people think if they saw me dining with just myself as company? Sometimes, it’s nice to dine alone. The act of enjoying a meal with all attention and awareness tuned into the meal brings the mind back to calm. I shrugged off the uncertainty and booked a table for one. My meal was delicious and I was able to treat myself to a meal on my own without being scrutinised. I came away thinking: “Who cares about those prying eyes, anyway?”


I checked out a local production…
I was given the chance to check out a production at Albert Park through a colleague of mine titled Fail Safe. Heading to the production after my delicious dinner at Sister of Soul was a fun end to my night out going solo. I went along, enjoyed some pre-production chatter with a wife of one of the cast members (who must’ve thought I was lonely) before heading on in. Checking out a grassroots production like this meant I was supporting the upcoming drama scene in Melbourne too.


I did something healthy for myself that was enjoyable and worthwhile…
I find it challenging sticking to an exercise regime, so I try to be active through attempting something new or doing something I really enjoy. So, I decided to participate in the Run 4 Kids charity run. While I don’t run, the course gave non-runners like me the option to walk the course and still feel like we were participating for a good cause. The bulk of my entry fee will be going towards this week’s Good Friday Appeal for Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, I got an invigorating work-out and I explored my city from a whole new angle. Though, I don’t think I’ll be doing such a massive walk again too soon – the legs are still a bit sore!


What would you get up to if you spent a weekend going solo?

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