Secrets to Travelling when Working Full-Time

Travel is an inspirational activity that brings us closer to our surroundings. Travel also opens our eyes to new experiences and cultures, and it’s even a permanent lifestyle for a select, and lucky, few. The reality is that travel costs money so the commitment of a full-time job helps us fund our wanderlust. But how can we find the time to travel when we work full-time?


Plan some little trips to regional destinations
Travel doesn’t always have to mean heading overseas to an exotic, far-flung country. There are regional destinations to be found around our hometowns that can be the perfect inspiration for a weekend getaway. Choose a destination that’s been on your mind for a while, book a secluded B&B and spend a couple of days getting away from it all. Research the destination before you go and find some hidden gems to experience such as farmers’ markets, walking trails, secret beaches or quaint restaurants and cafés. When you arrive at your destination, ask your B&B hosts for their local tips too.  


Use the excuse of a special occasion
A special occasion such as a milestone birthday or anniversary is often the perfect excuse to leave the house for an extended period of time. Why not celebrate with an overnight stay somewhere special? Partner the night with a delicious meal at an upmarket restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Same goes if you’ve been invited to a wedding within your city, a few hours out of town or abroad. Say yes and make the most of the occasion by booking in some extra days on either side of the event.


Save up your annual leave
Australians are very lucky because full-time employees receive a minimum of four weeks’ paid annual leave a year. If you’re lucky enough to benefit from annual leave, then save this time up and use it to your advantage. If you can take these weeks all at once, then book in an extended trip to a country you’ve always dreamed about. A lengthy plane ride will feel even more worthwhile when you know you have weeks to explore at the end of it. If you don’t have the luxury of paid leave, possibly discuss the option of unpaid leave with your employer. Or, does your employer need a representative to attend the next business conference? Pop your hand up to be that representative – work travel is a great way to experience a new destination, and travel expenses such as transport and accommodation are paid for by your company. Free time on a conference or business trip means you can go out exploring the new destination.  


Make the most of your free time
Public holidays are the perfect opportunity to travel, especially if the public holiday backs on to a weekend. Though, be mindful of increases in tariffs or the number of a minimum nights’ stay. In these cases, plan ahead and take advantage of regular discounted deals through travel sites or your travel agent throughout the year. Then, there’s always the trusty road-trip to get you out of your comfort zone. Pack a picnic and let the road lead you to a new destination.


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