A Winter Warming Breakfast at Waratah Organics

Winter weekends for some mean wet, miserable days brought about by gloomy skies and dark mornings. For me, there’s no better time than to sit simply in a cosy café to nourish myself. One such café that sets this scene effortlessly is Waratah Organics in Ferntree Gully.  

While I love a good lie-in on any given cold Saturday, I instead pull away the covers to be met by a drizzly, grey morning and the promise of a warm breakfast at Waratah Organics. All enthusiasm motors me to the doorstep of Waratah Organics, only to realise that my eagerness for this breakfast trip delivers me to my destination ten minutes before opening time. I hop from foot to foot, in a way to break up the time and chilly surrounds. Time clicks on and the doors widen right on opening, ready to host my healthy appetite.

Waratah Organics operates from a place of health and happiness, trading in meals all made onsite from certified organic ingredients seasonally sourced from local farmers. There’s a lengthy juice and smoothie menu to really give anyone’s morning a superfood surge of energy. As the rain drizzles outside and the temperature dips deeper into chilliness, my eyes scan the menu for a warmer option. I ask the ever-so-friendly, smiling and accommodating waitress for an almond chai and serve of scrambled tofu.

My choices here, along with the hospitality and welcoming surrounds at Waratah Organics, could not have been any fuzzier for this drizzly day. My almond milk chai is made from Byron Chai, spiced with a loving, cinnamon peace sign dusted across the creaminess that sits snugly atop.

The scrambled tofu is later set in front me with all the lovingness that the kitchen is keen to serve. Fluffy tofu chunks flavoured by turmeric are perched on sourdough toast and folded through a vegetable medley of olives, Spanish onion, wilted spinach and mushrooms. Even the cherry tomato cheeks are placed gorgeously in a row, bending to suggest a heart right there on my plate. A dash of tomato relish anchors the meal for added flavour.

Indeed, a simple Saturday breakfast is the essence of a simple Saturday morning while enjoying the most important meal of the day is just one way to love ourselves and our lives. And what better way than to love yourself and to love life than to treat yourself to a warming, nourishing meal at Waratah Organics as nature nourishes the earth with rain outside.    

Enjoy your own slice of Saturday morning love at Waratah Organics, 1224 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully Victoria 3156 Victoria. Phone: 03 8719 5982. 

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