A Sunny Wholefoods Brunch at Urban Projuice

Melbourne’s weather in Spring can be unpredictable when it comes to contemplating an outdoor, wholefoods brunch. Even the band Crowded House sung about it in their iconic song ‘Four Seasons in One Day’. Yet, Spring in Melbourne does offer those moments when we can seek out a sunny courtyard in which to tuck into a decent, and healthy, meal. It’s one of these times when I decide to seek out Urban Projuice in Melbourne’s Albert Park.

As I arrive, I make a beeline straight past Urban Projuice’s hectic floor traffic. By mid-morning, this wholefoods café and juice bar is pumping and the energy is, expectedly, free-flowing. While the buzz of a packed brunch venue is a good sign of what is being served up, I prefer a quieter pew that’s secluded in the courtyard at the rear. It’s where I can sit in the mild, mid-morning fresh air as the sun plays peek-a-boo with the fluffy clouds above.

After drinking a few gulpfuls of air from my outdoorsy surrounds, I’m served a turmeric and ginger latte steaming with almond milk by a smiling staff member. The milk is carefully sourced and the spices combine seamlessly for an energising morning beverage. There’s no chance of the effects of an afternoon caffeine crash here. The milk is dyed by an earthly yellow and each sip is punctuated by the gradual spicy hint that comes with ginger. Combined with the anti-oxidant value of these ingredients alone, Urban Prejudice has made the right decision to place such a daring beverage choice on their wholefoods menu.

Urban Prejudice, like this healthy turmeric ginger latte, brings food back to basics and I’m already feeling nourished. Though, there needs to be room for what is to arrive. By the time I reach the last sipful, my Urban Projuice Big Breakfast is set in front of me. This brunch choice, as the vegan version, assures me that I can tick off at least two daily meals before I even start to consider becoming peckish again. The tofu scramble is as bright and golden as the sun above me; as fluffy as those intermittent clouds too. Avocado, sautéed mushrooms and house made beans are added to the plate for further powering my energy levels and my tummy is left more than satisfied. Even the freshly baked sourdough caps the meal off willingly. What is left until lucky last, as a real treat, is the crown to this meal – a golden corn fritter dotted by a sprinkling of pepitas and sunflower seeds. It’s been said that “the greatest wealth is health” and Urban Projuice is serving it up by the plate-load like this.

Despite being so full, I’m determined to fit in a slice of raw salted caramel slice from the cake cabinet inside. I spotted the slice on my way to the courtyard and it was dragging me back to try it. It’s a dainty square of slice that arrives on its own petite chopping board and I take my time in forking out delicate chunks to nibble on. There is a sublime balance of sweet and salty, while the nutty base crumbles lightly at the slightest crunch. I could be gluttonous and wish for my slice to be bigger, but that would just be downright greedy. I succumb to the reality that my serve of slice is more than ample as I wander back to my tram back to the CBD. Some things, like Urban Prejudice, can thus be left at a sensible culinary end that warrants another visit at a later time. I just need to travel here again for more delicious wholefoods sooner rather than later. 

Make your way to Urban Projuice to stage your own sunny, wholefoods brunch. 315 Montague Street, Albert Park Victoria 3206. Phone: 03 9696 0048. Open Monday to Friday 7.00am to 4.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays 8.00am to 4.00pm.

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