Oh My God! It’s Oh My Greens in Melton South

I know a vegan place, a place where the coffee runs deep and stir-fry greens bloom. About an hour’s drive from Melbourne is a place where Singaporean cuisine has found a new home and that new home is in Melton South. It’s suitably called Oh My Greens.

Oh My Greens is a family owned and run eatery that started in its hometown country of Singapore in 1998. What I love about Oh My Greens’ mission is that the business strives to break down perceptions about vegan food being tasteless. With small steps, gradually leading to Melbourne’s outer fringes, Oh My Greens dug its toes deep into Melton South with this mission in mind.

It’s only recently that Oh My Greens launched their new menu and it was the perfect excuse to take a road-trip there. Their menu is all-encompassing; delivering the diverse flavours Singaporean cuisine is known for. While it’s tricky to choose what to eat, it’s best to start with an iced coffee as you peruse the menu’s pages. An espresso shot is poured over ice-cubes then topped by a cascade of soy milk and crowned with a scattering of coffee beans. I’d suggest choosing an entrée and main in order to experience the full thrust of flavours here.

I started my journey with The Silky Road; lightly seasoned silken tofu cubes that are dipped in a creamy peanut sauce. Because I’m coeliac, the kitchen took particular care in preparing this dish, using an air-fryer so as to avoid gluten cross-contamination. There is a slightly longer wait, but the delicate care afforded to me here made it worth the wait. For mains, and to keep in theme with the name, Seasonal Greens is a wise choice. A selection of seasonal greens lightly stir-fried and coated in a delicate sauce brings Singaporean food back to basics, again proving that vegan food is far from tasteless.

The wisdom in creating scrumptious vegan food lies in the taste, and that taste is abundant here at Oh My Greens.  My choices on this visit suited the warmer climate in Melbourne and left me driving home with a filled belly. There was no need for dessert, proving to be another reason why I should travel out here again. Sooner rather than later, I think. Non-vegans who may be put off by the ‘V’ word just need to instil a faith that vegan food can be tasty and good; exceptionally good.

Experience your own ‘oh, my god’ moment at Oh My Greens. 3 Staughton Street  Melton South, Victoria Australia 3338. Phone: +61 3 8088 3019. Open Monday to  Sunday 10.30am to 8.30pm (closed every Wednesday).

All food and beverages were paid in full by Justine de Jonge at Fire & Tea.

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