Sustainability, Wellness and Veganism in the City of Moonee Valley

The council area of the City of Moonee Valley here in Melbourne has been nominated as a finalist in the Sustainable Environment category for the 2019 Wellbeing City Award this week. The 2019 Wellbeing City Award is the world’s first global competition that recognises city-led action on urban wellbeing. A part of the reason why the City of Moonee Valley has been made a finalised is due to the council ambition to increase its tree canopy from 11% to 30% by 2040 through its Enhance Our Urban Forest plan.

This year, 16 cities across six continents have been announced as finalists, indicating the sheet commitment to urban wellbeing. The award is an initiative of NewCities, a global non-profit that’s committed to “shaping a better urban future”. It’s incredible that a council area within Australia has been nominated; the only Australian region that made it to the finalist stage.

With Australia’s current reputation as a country that’s somewhat lagging behind in terms of climate change, there is hope that Australia can help to lead the way in urban wellbeing.  Furthermore, it’s only natural that sustainability and veganism go hand-in-hand in a country that is the second fastest-growing vegan markets in the world. Humans, as too non-human animals, need nature in order to function, in order to breathe, and in order to feel alive.

Over my time being vegan, and being a Melburnian who lives in Melbourne, the City of Moonee Valley has been a part of Melbourne to explore from a vegan perspective. Not only World Vegan Day is hosted in this municipality, there are a number of spots delivering vegan goodness to travellers.

Mister Nice Guy’s Bakeshop

This fun and colourful cake shop and deli offers travellers the opportunity to purchase baked treats and deli items to pack into a picnic basket. It’s also an allergy-friendly vegan shop that helps travellers travel and eat safely, all while exploring the City of Moonee Valley’s nature destinations.

151 Union Road Ascot Vale, Victoria 3032 Australia.

Olivia Spring Vietnamese Café

This all-vegan Vietnamese café serves up vegan versions of cơm tấm and coffee along with more Vietnamese favourites. Melburnians seem to love Vietnamese food, and a spot where vegan Vietnamese food can be enjoyed will be well-visited. Take a casual seat at a table and admire the artwork on the walks while the kitchen prepared your vegan Vietnamese meal with the freshest ingredients this city can offer.

637 Mt Alexander Road Moonee Ponds, Victoria Australia 3039. Phone 03 9077 5560.

The Abyssinian

If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food, then The Abyssinian is the best spot in the City of Moonee Valley – if not Melbourne – to give it a go. Hearty “slow food from the horn of Africa” is The Abyssinian’s signature to pant-based vegetarian meals that just happen to be vegan. Travellers can start with a combination plate for a best value sample plate. A plate of injera, or bread, is topped with the chef’s personally-selected favourites such as pumpkin dubba, lentil tumtummo or hoswas. Bookings are advised, particularly on weekends.

277 Racecourse Road, Kensington Victoria Australia 3031. Phone (03) 9376 8754.


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World Vegan Day is scheduled to be at Melbourne Showgrounds on Sunday November 10 2019

Disclaimer: Justine de Jonge at Fire & Tea did not receive any payments or free products in exchange for the views expressed in this blog post. 

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