Australia’s Vegan Markets Need You. Here’s Why…

Vegan markets are sprouting up all over Australia and there are a plethora of vegan businesses vying for stall-space. Currently, people choosing a vegan lifestyle is accelerating at an unprecedented rate and you’d think that there are many who would be flocking to vegan markets regularly.

Community is at the forefront of the vegan lifestyle.  As much as the animals need us to pursue a vegan lifestyle, vegan markets equally need us, too.  There has never been a better time to start or attend a vegan market and what better way to incorporate an incredible vegan experience into your vegan travels than by attending one.

Discover and support local vegan businesses

Vegan markets are a sure-fire way for local vegan businesses to share their creations with an intimate audience. Here’s where you can discover local vegan businesses in the area you’re travelling through. You can also meet the makers, ask them about their creations and learn about their underlying vegan mission. Your patronage then helps these vegan businesses push their mission forward so they can then set and achieve bigger goals for their businesses.

Vegan markets are a delicious testing ground for new vegan products

Not only can you discover new businesses and products, you can also be a taste-tester or a sampler of new products. Many of these products have not yet been released, so how exciting it can be to discover upcoming products. You can help be a taste-tester, or try new products on offer. The intimacy of a vegan market is the perfect environment to give makers your feedback. You’re at the forefront of a new product and giving the maker valuable insights into their creations. This can assist vegan businesses to be successful.

Sample the region’s produce from vegan growers

Sometimes, vegan markets stock fresh fruit and vegetables from local vegan growers. Save your local produce shop to your weekly vegan market and buy your produce at the market. Eliminate wastage and plastics by buying local and vegan. Just remember to take your reusable bags.

Support local vegan not-for-profits and animal rescue groups

If you’ve gone vegan, chances are you’re doing so because you want to eliminate animal suffering and abuse. Vegan markets also provide vendor space for NFPs and animal rescue groups, more often than not at a reduced stall price. This is one way that vegan markets show these groups their support, and we as market goers can continue the support. Visit these stalls, talk to the volunteers who are at the forefront of these groups, learn about the current issues these NFPS are facing and discover how you can help. The easiest way to show your support is join mailing lists and give a donation or buy merchandise. If you want to show a deeper support, talk to the volunteers who can advise you how you can help further – donations of supplies, volunteering at events and more.

So, do you visit vegan markets regularly? How do you incorporate a visit to a vegan market in your travels? How do you support the vegan vendors? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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