How to Dress for Vegan Travel Success

Travelling the vegan road also stretches to the vegan clothing we wear. So, how can we dress vegan without causing harm to others?

Here are a number of ways you can dress vegan, whether it’s choosing vegan clothing and accessories and dressing more sustainably while supporting local businesses at the same time.

Buy new items that will stand the test of time

When you buy new items, choose those items that illustrate your style and can stand the test of time. If you choose items that you absolutely love, you’ll get the most wear out of them and will last longer.

Support local vegan clothing and accessory makers

If you support local vegan makers, you can be assured you’re buying items made from vegan materials that are ethical and have a small carbon footprint. Here in Melbourne, there are a number of makers that you can purchase vegan clothing and accessories.

Also, sign up to their e-newsletters and follow their social media pages so you’re alerted on seasonal sales and special offers. This will also help you save you a little money and your money is still supporting local vegan businesses.

Choose vegan clothing makers that insist on recyclable or compostable packing

Brands like Boody come in recyclable and compostable packaging. Brands also insist on using no packaging at all or encourage buyers to being their own bags with them.

If you’re buying clothing online, try to choose brands with minimal packaging or an ethical packaging policy.

Or, try buying second-hand vegan clothing

There are many second-hand clothes stores around the suburbs. Go for a wander and find some hidden clothing treasures at your local op shop. Not only will you be buying items that are not going to landfill, you’ll create an all-vegan wardrobe that’s distinctly you. Again, buying items that you love will keep your wardrobe distinctly you and will stand for the long-term.

Repair your favourites and recycle your worn-out items to avoid landfill

A number of seamstresses and clothing makers are now offering their skills to repair your clothes. You can find these skilled people on Airtasker or Fiverr. Or, visit your local clothing alterations shop that can tell you if they can repair your beloved clothing items.

If your favourite vegan clothing items are worn out and unwearable, then re-use or recycle your items. Cut up your non-wearables and use the cut-offs as rags for cleaning around the house. Recycle your loved items via a clothing bin at an ethical retailer that accepts clothing for recycling.

Re-sell vegan clothing by participating in a vegan clothing swap  

Clothing swaps are increasingly popping up, particularly here in Melbourne. Check your local markets for a clothes swap, or even at your local library. Or, organise your own vegan clothing swap among your immediate group of friends.

Keep a case of vegan travel clothing for your trips

I have a separate small wardrobe that I keep aside for my vegan travel overseas. I only wear these vegan clothing items when I travel. A separate wardrobe means I remove the decision paralysis out of my packing routine. A separate wardrobe also means that I have a selection of clothing that I don’t wear during the year and it excites me to take these items that I rarely wear.

Multi-layering is my go-to for the colder climates

As a Melburnian who lives in a city that experiences many weather conditions each day, I have mastered the art of multi-layering. Leggings and singlets are my go-to multi-layering items that allow me to keep warm in the morning or night and comfortable throughout the day before I need to strip off layers.

Boody is a B Certified clothing brand that is PeTA-approved vegan. Boody uses organically-grown bamboo to make its clothing range for comfort, sustainability and health.

To get 15% off your entire Boody order, use the discount code FIREANDTEA15 and place your order via this link. Discount offer is limited to one use per customer.

Justine de Jonge of Fire & Tea is a part of the Boody Storyteller Community.

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