Let’s Travel the Vegan Road in 2023. Here’s How!

New Year, new you. Re-invent yourself. Start afresh… I know you’ve heard all the New Year clichés before.

However, have you ever thought about making a change in the new year that actually makes lasting change and makes a significant difference? If you’ve been thinking about going vegan, then 2023 is definitely the year to do it in.

There have never been more vegan options, vegan businesses and vegan ways to do things. Even though we’re not living in a vegan world, the world is becoming more accepting of veganism. If you’ve thought about starting your vegan journey, then you’ve never arrived at an easier time to do it in.

Here are some starting points so you can travel the vegan road in 2023 and make the lasting change you want to see for yourself and others.

Head into January with the help of Veganuary

Every year, Veganuary runs for the full month of January. As the name suggests, it’s an initiative that inspires people to try vegan for January and encourages them to keep going throughout the rest of the year. More than 620,000 took the Veganuary pledge in 2022 and those numbers are set to grow.

To participate, simply sign up for free. Then, you’ll receive resources via email including the Veganuary celebrity cookbook, meal plans, nutritional advice and lots more support to help you with your vegan journey.

There is a wealth of knowledge on the Veganuary website from how to get started, how to navigate restaurants and recipes for all meals. If you don’t want to make a month-long commitment, you can use the Veganuary website as a starting point.

Who said veganism wasn’t easy?

Another incredible initiative is the Vegan Easy Challenge. The 30-Day Vegan Easy Challenge is held in November each year. But you can start it anytime, anywhere.

When you sign up you receive practical support and guidance throughout the 30 days in the form of recipes, meal plans, informative emails, videos, access to a support group and experienced vegan mentors. Sign-up up to the 30-Day Vegan Easy Challenge is free, too.

One of the Challenge’s 2022 mentors was accredited vegan sports nutritionists is Caitlin Adler and she helped put together the latest meal plans. You can read her story in her Q&A with Fire & Tea here.

Start with one vegan option at a time

There are a huge number of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants around the world. There are also restaurants that are including a couple of vegan options on their menus.

So the next time you dine out with friends or family, consider choosing the vegan option for a change.  Now, you may get criticism or ridicule from your loved ones. If that’s the case, then tell them why you’re doing it. Tell them diplomatically that you want to try the vegan option for the reasons you’ve decided for yourself.

Your reasons are all valid, whether be for health, environmental or animal welfare reasons. No one has the right to tell you to do otherwise, so take a stand and choose the vegan option. You have nothing to lose.

If you need some inspiration on where to go, then HappyCow is an international resource where you can find all-vegan, vegetarian and omni restaurants with vegan options. Recently, HappyCow listed their top vegan-friendly cities in the world. My city – Melbourne – came in at Number 4. If you want my tried and tested spots around my city then check out my vegan directory.  I’ve also included spots I’ve tried during my interstate travels.

Book a vegan tour with an all-vegan travel group

Are you planning a holiday in 2023? The world is again opening up to travel so 2023 ids the perfect time to plan an all-vegan holiday. Vegan travel companies like Vegan Travel Asia by VegVoyages specialise in holidays to Asia and south-east Asia. PeTA also has an extensive list of companies and destinations. Another valuable Australian resource is VEats.

If you want a holiday closer to home, locate an all-vegan tour for a day or why not map out an itinerary for yourself? You can find loads of my useful vegan travel tips here.

Boost your reading list with inspiring vegan stories

The amount of vegan literature available now is extensive and insightful. If you want to hear about inspiring stories of vegans and how they started, check out Australian Vegans Journal. Each volume is free to download or you can order print copies. For other books, check out Vegantastic.

In terms of more print and online publications, have a look at mindbodygreen, VegNews, Peaceful Dumpling, Nourish, Plant Based News and Whole Food Living. You can also read my blog page for a huge number of interviews, how-to and more.

If you prefer listening to reading, then I highly recommend the Rich Roll podcast. Rich Roll is a plant-based ultra-marathon athlete, author and podcaster who has spent the last ten years talking to the vegan game-changers. From athletes, to doctors, influencers and authoritative vegans, you’ll find countless interviews and inspiring vegan stories.

Support a local animal rescue group

Do you want to continue making a difference in animals’ lives? Then think about supporting a local animal rescue group in your area that advocates for veganism, too. What are some ways you can help? Make a donation, buy much-needed supplies or even volunteer your time.

Here in Melbourne, I volunteer for Lamb Care Australia. I use my 9 to 5 skills for the organisation in my volunteering capacity. It’s just a matter of choosing a group that aligns with your values and contacting them to see what you can do to help.

Also, many animal rescue groups hold vegan fundraising events when you can buy a ticket to support them. You’ll have lots of vegan fun while saving lives in the process.

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