The July Edition of The Vegan View

There is a sumptuous winter vibe to the July edition of The Vegan View. While all points of interest are food-related, there is a wonderful thread that sews most of it together. This month, I’m encouraging you to bunker down and embrace winter vegan cooking at its best. If you can’t be bothered, then double sown on your vegan snacks.

Make your just desserts at CERES School of Nature and Climate

Next month, the CERES School of Nature & Climate in Melbourne will host a vegan dessert workshop. Over five tantalising hours, you can learn how to sweet treats from various cultures. Learn how to make vegan versions of baked cheesecake, raw fruit tart, Portuguese tarts and more. Most of the desserts are gluten-free, too. The workshop is on Sunday August 6, and it costs $120. Register for your spot via the CERES School of Nature and Climate website.

The Guardian asks who needs meat with this fennel recipe

“Who needs meat?” The Guardian dared to ask the question recently with a one-pot fennel and honey braise recipe. Sure, there’s still honey in the ingredients list but just substitute it for a vegan-friendly alternative. It a perfect wintery menu, considering how cold it is in Melbourne right now.

Coffee fruit gets upcycled in an energy snack

Sydney-based upstart I Am Grounded has launched a line of snacks that upcycles coffee fruit. Coffee fruit is the red coffee cherry that encases the bean which is usually discarded during the coffee bean harvesting process. On first glance over some of the bars’ ingredients, they’re dairy free. What a genuine way to reduce waste and maximise on a vegan ingredient?

Meaty snacks get a plant-based makeover by SBS Food

Who said you can’t have decent snacks when you’re vegan? SBS Food has debunked the myth and made plant-based versions of traditional meaty snacks. While not all recipes on the list are vegan, there are a couple that are just as enticing their vegetarian listees. Case in point? Bean curd braised in soy, cauliflower hot wings. I dare you to put a vegan spin on the rest. I doubt it’ll be hard.

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